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Zack Parkar
Hello! Just added the ABM dashboard and we have taken advantage of all the free ABM content Marketo provides. Hoping to get some feedback on whether or not the Marketo ABM class is worth the $375 fee? The free content gives a great overview, just not sure if the class covers anything not in the free ABM tutorials & eBook library.  Any feedback is… (Show more)
Chiara Riga
Hi All,   Our team has been looking into a few different vendors for ABM advertising. We've narrowed it down to Terminus and RollWorks - does anyone here have experience with either of these vendors that they would be willing to share? Or any other vendors you use for your ABM advertising that has been really successful?   Thanks, Chiara
Taylor Munson
Anyone else not able to send out a test email? Have been trying all morning and cant figure out what is going on. 
Cristina Daroca
Hi,   I have a list of ~1,000 accounts on a spreadsheet that I want to upload to Marketo ABM as an Account List. Can I upload them in bulk?   I understand I can pick accounts from the Named Accounts section to add to my list, but I don't want to have to find 1,000 accounts manually.   Thank you! Cristina 
Ashley Belcher
Can we utilize a form to update forgotten password communications? OR is there any other advice out there to set something like this up via Marketo...?
Kathryn Stone
Our company is looking to do some account-based marketing initatives, via Marketo. We currently do not have the abm module. Specifically, I am looking to create an alert which checks for contacts on the account having at least 2 interesting activities between them in the last 90 days. It would then trigger an email send to the account owner.… (Show more)