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Janet Dulsky
What technological tools/solutions does the Sales team need to make it successful?   In many ways, ABM has put a spotlight on innovation in sales organizations. Although ABM includes the word “marketing” in its name, the strategy is ultimately about driving sales and revenue. In companies that are getting it right, ABM is having a profound impact… (Show more)
Janet Dulsky
One of the recurring themes in any conversation about creating a successful ABM strategy is the need for alignment between Sales and Marketing. The problem: most people have heard this statement so often over the years, it has become a cliché. Companies understand the need to align Sales and Marketing like a teenager knows he needs to clean his… (Show more)
Janet Dulsky
The implementation of any new business strategy often seems overwhelming. Getting from A to B can involve hundreds of steps, over a period of months or years, that impact nearly every department in a company. In all the details, it can be difficult to discern what’s critical and what’s not. What elements of the strategy, if not done right, can… (Show more)
Marne Reed
Using Direct Mail in Your Account Based Marketing   Tangible pieces like direct mail can augment your digital practices and gain higher response rates than email alone.   According to a recent Info Trends report, response rates jump from 7.4% (print only) and 7.9% (email only) to 9.5% when the campaigns are multi-channel. Direct mail’s…
Amber Javaid
You already have a unified platform to effectively target the RIGHT accounts and keep them engaged. Download our new Definitive Guide to Account-Based Marketing to learn how your organization can take its ABM strategy to the next level with advice and best practices from over 12 industry thought leaders.   DOWNLOAD NOW Check out the guide to… (Show more)
Janet Dulsky
How one technology company is leveraging Marketo ABM and “hourly” conversations between sales and marketing to multiply deal size and shorten the sales cycle   Every so often in business, there is a fortunate alignment between a company’s existing product and surging market interest. When this occurs, the challenge for sales and marketing teams… (Show more)
Scott Wilder
  By: Heidi Bullock Posted: July 18, 2016 | Targeting and Personalization   Okay, so maybe account-based marketing (ABM) isn’t quite as viral as Pokémon Go, but I would say that ABM is a close second in the B2B marketing world! But what does this mean for you as a marketer? What do you need to know about ABM? Why does it matter? How do you know if…
Janet Dulsky
This year at the Marketing Nation Summit, we will have 13, yes 13, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) sessions! One of these sessions is actually a meet up where you can hang out with other like-minded marketers and experts from Marketo and talk about your ABM use case.   Please note that this year you will need to register for each session you want… (Show more)
Dan Stevens
Are any of you noticing that the flames/stars next to the top people are misleading?  For example, here's a view for one of our named accounts:   When I click on the first one to look at their activity log, the most recent activity is from 2015:  
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