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Taylor McCarty
I tried to get some answers from our success rep, but wasn't able to get much other than the recommendation that we buy some consulting/support hours. So I wanted to see if I could get some help and answers from you all in the community. Some of these questions are rather basic and there may be answers out there, but I haven't found them yet, so… (Show more)
Spencer Phillips
Hi all,   I have a question related to an ABM project I'm looking to undertake at my company.   The goal and strategy: Reach out to existing contacts who have just moved on to a new role at new company. The idea is for sales to reach out with a congratulatory note / steps for success in their new role / etc.   The issue: The flow of data to… (Show more)
Michelle Lavery
Hello,   I'm currently looking into tools for an Account Based Marketing strategy for 2018. I realize that there's not just one solution that will support our ABM strategy. We are still defining our strategy and number of targeted accounts. I'm curious how current Marketo customers are having success w/ABM initiatives (with or without Marketo and… (Show more)
Nitin Sharma
Hello Everyone,   I'm facing the issue with interstitial link in marketo. I have to use same link as provided by client like and it's re-direct to if i'm clicking this link through email then it's giving me an error of "404 page not found" because of mkto_tok, and client don't want to remove the mkto_tok as well.  … (Show more)
Caryl Mostacho
Hello, I uploaded a list of Named Accounts to Marketo ABM with CRM ID. The Accounts are showing up with the Account fields filled in with what is in CRM.  Some these are showing Opportunities None of them are showing any people or potential people, but I know that these accounts have contacts.   Does it take a while for Marketo ABM to add… (Show more)
Mihai Bejgu
Hi,   I'm struggling for quite a while with leads to account matching in Salesforce and for the current ABM that we're trying to do, having all new and old leads assigned to Accounts in Salesforce would be a great plus for our sales teams. We are currently doing this manually following the below flow:   -New lead comes in marketo -> does it… (Show more)