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Paul J
Hello everyone!   Has anyone successfully built a {{my.token}} which calls in a {{lead.token}}? I'm attempting to call in a User ID into a link within a {{my.token}}, and though I know this isn't technically supported, Sanford mentioned it's possible in this thread: Token in a Token?.

Chasity Gibson
Hi guys,   We are working on a Lead Scoring Data project and need to be able to pull all of the interesting moments for our customers. Unfortunately, I could not find a Marketo report that allows me to gather a list of all interesting moments for our customers. Would love some guidance on a workaround for this report. Thanks!
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L. Perez
I am trying to create different tokens (each language a separate token), that will display the date format in the specified language.   Examples: English Token: March 31, 2018 French Token: 31 mars 2018 Spanish Token: 31 de marzo de 2018 Portuguese Token: 31 de março de 2018   So far, I have the English token formatted