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Kristi Bielewicz
Help us improve workspaces in Marketo by taking this short survey.   Simply click the link below to get started. Thanks in advance! 

Hayley Sheaffer
In our instance every email we send has smart campaigns that listen for unsubscribes, and the flow in Salesforce is to mark them as that status for the email campaign? Is this necessary? I have attached pics that show what we do. I don't know why we have done it that way, but it doesn't seem like that is truly doing anything with people who
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Rocky Patel
Sanford Whiteman I need to change the follow up url to relative path depending on a radio button selection.  See code below. <div class="mktoRadioList mktoHasWidth" style="width: 380px;"><input name="pERContactUsFormType" id="mktoRadio_32448_0" value="Solutions and Product Inquiries" type="radio" class="mktoField"><label