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Inga Romanoff
In our next session of NYMUG, we will open the discussion about the recent rise and evolution of the Marketing Operations role. The clear steer towards multi-skilled workers and the need for organizations to rethink how they structure their operations and business processes. The speakers will cover practical approaches on bridging Marketing and

John Truong
Hello all,   We are new to Marketo and noticed that you the default fields do not give the option of creating 1:M relationships. It is a 1:1 mapping as far as I can tell?   We would like to store a contacts geographical foot print. For example, we would have the US Federal Government as a contact person but that person is responsible
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Elise Hudson
Welcome back to Marketo's bi-monthly customer newsletter, the Fearless Forum!   Back in December, we asked you to comment on the fifth edition with the questions you have for Marketo and the topics you want to hear about.   This month we'll be covering the following topics chosen by you: Marketing Nation at Adobe Summit Revvie Awards