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Karan Hari
I just noticed that the option to CC in an email is finally available! Marketo recently launched this feature. Here is the URL to the product docs for Email CC . Just putting this information out so that its accessible to anyone who might be searching for it!   Best Always, Karan Hari

Jeffrey Hanrahan
I'm going to start the process of updating the copyright year for our email templates have a couple of questions.   If I update the year will it reflect in the emails that I have previously sent out?   If not will those emails go into draft status because of the update to the date?   Thanks, Jeff
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Michael Fuller
I want to create a program for a private event with a restricted guest list. It's obviously pretty easy to just forward an invite email to someone else, but I'm wondering if there's a way that only the original invited person can register through the form. I was thinking it would have to be something like a form validation or tokenized/cookied
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Huihsing Kiang
Hi,   Our SFDC team loaded about 200k records wrongly (I know..) in the past week and those got syned over to Marketo. Few days later, they deleted those then uploaded again. We found out that when these wrong data were deleted from SFDC, those still stay in Marketo. For the reason, now we have about 200k duplicate records.   Here are