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Announcement 1 Winter Holiday Shutdown
Announcement:Winter Holiday Shutdown

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Marketing Interface Team
We just started our email marketing efforts recently with a brand new database.   For the first email, I expected some bounces, so not surprised with that.    What I didn't expect is our open rate and click rate will be so low. We have 6.5% open rate and approx 2% click rate. But when I looked at the details, I found that

Raj Singh
I'm having an issue where instead of Marketo showing the default value when previewing an email, it shows ${drivername}. In the campaign I'm building, not all values set in velocity will exist in the JSON field. Some records may have a few while another has all. How do I code my velocity so that if a value I'm setting is missing from the JSON
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Ignace Kervyn de Meerendré
Hi    Sorry if it's a already spoken but I don't find the subject.  There's my problem; I want use transition rules for my streams in a nurturing program. I have done printscreen When someone fill out any of the 3 forms in stream 1, I want move them to stream 2. Easy rule, but I can't fix it...     So for my Triggers