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hadar ron
Hey guys!   I want to create an email template which will include a few modules. I've tried anything, read any article, watch any video and NONE. Please help me to finish the email template! I need you guys!   Thanks in advance for the help!   I've attached here the HTML:   <!doctype html> <html

Nimisha Garg
HI Everyone,   Urgently need help to remove some people from a campaign.   Program:       I add new members each week. I have to remove some people as well based on certain rules in Smart Campaigns..   I don't know what to add in Flow step...   I want people who are in these smart list to be removed...or
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Jason Hogrefe
Our blog ( is independent from our main website ( and so I don't think it is passing referrer data. For example, someone clicks one of our blog post links on Facebook (complete with UTM parameters), goes to the blog page, then clicks on a link that takes them to a main page on our website;