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Diego Lineros
After 6 or more years using Marketo, I can say Marketo is starting to dissapoint. Every release is slimmer than the previous, or out of focus. Why I am saying this? Basic missing features that for years are being requested are still missing. In the era of AI you can't even evaluate a date token without calling a webhook. The reporting is

Will Harmon
  In this edition of Marketo Master Class, we're teaming up with Marketo Champion Chris Wilcox to get into the weeds of Lead Scoring. Our aim was to break down the complexities around Lead Scoring and provide the Marketing Nation Community with actionable insights into best practices. Are you leveraging Lead Scoring in other innovative ways?
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Tyson Jurgens
We have a ~4 Million record database, and we routinely run into challenges with the daily 50k API limit, specifically with VidYard and their native Marketo integration...   This is effectively limiting us from using the VidYard integration (we shut it down because it was snarling all of our operations each day as we surpassed our API limit)