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Carlos Barrera
Hello Communitty I want to ask is there a way in Marketo to easily set up a program/email blast that has an unsubscribe option, but that unsubscribe will only apply to that specific email/program? Not remove you from all communications from us? I really appreciate if somone can help me with that.

Laurie Johnson
Hey guys!   Webinar token question...   We're using local (my) tokens at the program level for an "Add to Calendar" link within a webinar confirmation email. The "Add to Calendar" token has another token listed within the description field that should be syncing with the event partner (GoToWebinar) from the event program. The token for
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Franky Ruysschaert
Our database contains several segmentation parameters. For example customer/prospect, 6 languages, business segment ( 6 values ) and 6 personas. At regular intervals I have to report the numbers of those nested segments. e.g. number of customers - dutch speaking in Belgium - digital printing industry - C-level.   For this purpose I have
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Jim Thao
Has anyone run into this and perhaps have any insight as to what the context is on why Marketo is now removing mkt_tok values after the URL resolves?  So far, I've found this to be happening on all Marketo hosted landing pages that are linked from an email with mkt_tok and the view as webpage link.   Looks to be happening in multiple