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Marisa Rybar
There are all sorts of exciting innovations and new best practices coming to the world of email marketing in 2018. Join SendGrid’s nurture and conversion team (Jill Guest, Matt Rushing, Ellie Johnson, and Austin Whiting) at our next Marketo User Group as the email marketing and automation pros describe the hot trends they've tried, where

Courtney Grimes
Over the years here at the Marketing Nation, I've seen many basic form questions come over and over again with common functionalities. Just so there's a central repository of how to handle these requests, I've compiled a quick post that goes over form functions.   Do note that the vast majority of these response require you to know a little
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JD Nelson
if a lead comes through PROGRAM A, is there a global token that can be used in PROGRAM B that can add "Program A" as the acquisition program? I'm trying to streamline some of my smart campaigns and we have acquisition program coded at the SC level on every program....
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Mark Haynes
I'm attempting to implement a parallax hero image as discussed in an article at a working example is at I've been able to replace the banner section on a template and testing locally is very satisfactory with a background image, foreground