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Liliana Cheng
We're using Marketo forms across our marketing site which is hosted on wpengine. In conjunction with our Marketo forms, we use the Marketo API to write the form values to Marketo (instead of embedding the form). When the Marketo API fails to respond to our site within four seconds, we trigger a non-Marketo form that writes information directly to

Harrison Van Oort
Is it possible to tie a Marketo "Activity" to a particular "Program"? For example, by querying the /rest/v1/activities.jsonendpoint, you might receive a response like this within the list of results:   {   "id": 1843265,   "marketoGUID": "1843265",   "leadId": 72788,   "activityDate": "2019-03-01T00:02:36Z",  
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Keri Cook
On April 29th we launched a new website, with using Wordpress landing pages (with Marketo embedded forms) as opposed to Marketo landing pages as we did prior to launch. Since the launch we have noticed almost a 50% decrease in website form conversions. To test and combat this issue we have recently adopted tooling from Marketo for secure
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Devin Poehlman
We have some landing pages on Unbounce that we need to keep on Unbounce but we want to connect those new leads with their anonymous web behavior.  I'm trying to get the associatelead function to work but having trouble.  I'm passing the form values in the URL to the thank you page.  This is the code on the thank you page.  
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Peter DeMichele
We are working to scale our digital marketing efforts at my company, building more campaigns, emails, landing pages, forms, etc. We have worked to developed a strong email 2.0 template as well as a pretty flexible landing page template with a 3rd party design team. Our internal creative services team wants to get more involved, working directly