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Michelle Miles
The first post of a 5-part series on GDPR, we discuss the importance of preparing your marketing operations to meet compliance requirements or aligning your “defensive” strategy. In the next post, we’ll discuss options for building your “offense,” including ideas for collecting customer information in an engaging

James Gunn
I'm interested to know how other companies who market and sell into the EU, as well as other regions of the world, are planning to roll out policies and procedures to support GDPR. My company has a UK business but our main presence is Australia and NZ. So my question is - Can we can box off our UK business and treat them as separate from a
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Liz Davalos
I'm trying to create a velocity script that outputs different text randomly (for testing copy in snippets) so my intention is to randomly generate a number and if it is even then output one line versus the other. If I can get it working then I'd add more content with different tracking so I know which one is generating response.   I cobbled
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Vic Chen
hi i try update lead info via REST, i use java. and my access be denied. {"requestId":"6a5e#1610d0b1142","success":false,"errors":[{"code":"603","message":"Access denied"}]} can someone help me please.   URL url = new URL(" ");