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Bruce Stephan
I am getting push back on using a Marketo (or a drip campaign) to follow up on leads we have received from trade show.  The argument is:  "We already have the leads and have met the people so give them to the sales team and let them start making calls and sending emails to get an initial in-person meeting.  Marketo might be a good idea pre-show,… (Show more)
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Sydney Mulligan
Hey there #MKTGNation!   You're talking about it, your boss is talking about it, and you're clutching your purple swag to your heart as the shadow of the big red machine looms overhead. Adobe has acquired Marketo for a cool $4.75 billion as of September 20th - but what does this mean for you, your company and our beloved Marketo? We got the gang… (Show more)
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    MISSION STATEMENT An elite community uniting Marketo’s most passionate and strategic customers and partners to be the trusted brand ambassadors and change agents of the Marketing Nation®. Marketo Champions share their expertise, best practices, and strategies to help Marketo customers thrive.   OBJECTIVES Develop deep connections with our…
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Courtney Grimes
Over the years here at the Marketing Nation, I've seen many basic form questions come over and over again with common functionalities. Just so there's a central repository of how to handle these requests, I've compiled a quick post that goes over form functions.   Do note that the vast majority of these response require you to know a little bit… (Show more)
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Meghendra Patil
Hi All,   I need to make side bye side checkbox for yes/no option could you please help me out for the same, please find below screenshot for your reference.
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Jenn DiMaria
Hey, #MKTGnation!   Summer's (kind of?) over, the PSLs are flowing, and the gang got back together to answer the top questions we hear every day on the job. I may or may not have ranted just a little.   Some of my personal favorites include: Why is Marketo broken? (ie: the one that makes my eye twitch) How mature is my Marketo instance? Why… (Show more)
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Erik Heldebro
This post details some of the tactics I presented at the Marketing Nation Summit this year, the slides can be found here: Cut me some Slack! Leveraging The Slack API With Marketo Webhooks And Bots   Slack is a powerful tool for communication and collaboration. I think it's safe to say that the most of us have at least used Slack at one workplace… (Show more)
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