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Charu Gupta
Click to view contentI want to resend an email to people who did not open the email and unsubscribed it. These are the filters I used. but the count is coming out to be "0". Wondering if I am using the right set of filters. Which filters to use for the same.   Also, I am adding some emails (Marketing names) that gets all the email regardless. I'd greatly appreciate… (Show more)
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Grégoire Michel
Click to view contentAs this is a recurrent request in this community, here are the various ways of setting up the unsubscribe links in Marketo, and when one should use them.   … (Show more)
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Jeff Shearer
Chicken or fish? It’s as if every program or event has some random, custom field requirement. Dietary restrictions at an event, questions for a webinar, or a time slot for an in-person consultation. Fields aren’t exactly hard to create in Marketo, but they live on forever once they’re created, and can lead to a ton of confusion later. Avoid the… (Show more)
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Justin Norris
If there’s one area marketers get hung up on more often than not, it’s reporting and attribution.   Technology is an important part of the solution. But even with the right tools at hand, attribution efforts can fail for many reasons - poor/inconsistent implementation, lack of process, dirty data, and the list goes on.   Marketo recently… (Show more)
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Rachel Noble
Click to view content3rd and final part of this series!   Building nurture programs can be a daunting task. But with the right guide, you can turn an afternoon into an email experience your prospects will never forget! Before we begin, we need to define a few terms:   An Engagement Program is a specific kind of program that allows a marketer to send content to a… (Show more)
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Click to view content    MISSION STATEMENT An elite community uniting Marketo’s most passionate and strategic customers and partners to be the trusted brand ambassadors and change agents of the Marketing Nation®. Marketo Champions share their expertise, best practices, and strategies to help Marketo customers thrive.   OBJECTIVES Develop deep connections with our…
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Sydney Mulligan
Hey there #MKTGNation!   You're talking about it, your boss is talking about it, and you're clutching your purple swag to your heart as the shadow of the big red machine looms overhead. Adobe has acquired Marketo for a cool $4.75 billion as of September 20th - but what does this mean for you, your company and our beloved Marketo? We got the gang… (Show more)
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Darrell Alfonso
Note: Kudos to those who have reviewed and given me feedback on this list! Juli James Jenn DiMaria Christina Zuniga   Overview The job of a Marketo administrator can be difficult to define. What are the primary responsibilities? What role should you play? Who should you work with? Depending on the size of the company, the charter will vary… (Show more)
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Courtney Grimes
Click to view contentOver the years here at the Marketing Nation, I've seen many basic form questions come over and over again with common functionalities. Just so there's a central repository of how to handle these requests, I've compiled a quick post that goes over form functions.   Do note that the vast majority of these response require you to know a little bit… (Show more)
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Joe Reitz
It's hard to believe Summit is over! My brain is still trying to process everything that it absorbed (especially everything about ABM), and hey – if I ever recover from the cold-med-induced haze I've been living in for the past 3 days, I think I'll have some actionable takeaways for my team!   If your situation is anything like mine, you'll… (Show more)
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