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Grégoire Michel
Click to view contentAs this is a recurrent request in this community, here are the various ways of setting up the unsubscribe links in Marketo, and when one should use them.   … (Show more)
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Vaibhavi Chinchur
Hello Team, I have created one email template and in that given all the links that are required and scheduled this template. After it got sent, I went through all the links and they are not properly redirecting to their respective page, they all are redirected to Home Page only. Please help me to solve this problem.   Thank you!!!
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Beth Massura
Stemming from Meghana Rao's blog on Marketo governance and training documentation, here's a little about what we're doing at Chicago Booth to establish a broad email marketing governance group with departments currently using Marketo and beyond. While we have a central marketing team that focuses on some enterprise-wide initiatives and supports… (Show more)
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Justin Norris
Click to view contentIf you spend long enough building in Marketo, you will very likely encounter scenarios where things don’t happen they way you’d expect.   You may have two different smart campaigns - which are in themselves perfectly functional - produce a bad result because they didn’t execute in the right order.   I would say 90% of the issues I’ve had in… (Show more)
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Ajinkya Shahane
Salesforce Task notifications are not being sent   I'm setting up a program in MKTO where one of the flow steps is to create a task in SFDC and notify the assigned-to user. I've done this many times in the past, and it's always work, but for some reason the task assignment is not notified through the mailbox even though settings in the MKTO… (Show more)
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Joe Reitz
It's hard to believe Summit is over! My brain is still trying to process everything that it absorbed (especially everything about ABM), and hey – if I ever recover from the cold-med-induced haze I've been living in for the past 3 days, I think I'll have some actionable takeaways for my team!   If your situation is anything like mine, you'll… (Show more)
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Emily Hurn
Hi,   I'm having trouble getting my Facebook Custom Audiences to show up in my Facebook Business Manger Ad portal. I've installed the "Facebook Custom Audiences" service in Launchpoint. After doing that, I used the "Send via AdBrdige" option for a customer list in our Marketo database.  Marketo confirmed the AdBridge send, but the FB Custom… (Show more)
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Tejas Deshmukh TCS Marketing
There are two ways for getting activity data by activity type Ids 1) By Rest API using activity type Id and since date next page token 2) By Bulk  Import   I want to extract data from 2019-01-01T13:22:17-08:00 to 2019-01-31T13:22:17-08:00   but I am not getting any data through this , though I have data on my marketo portal  on the dashboard
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Michelle Miles
It’s happened to all of us who use Marketo. We’ve gone through the training, we work in the platform and we feel like we have a pretty good grasp on the most effective way to handle campaigns. And then one day, a colleague comes along and says, “Hmmm, why are you doing it that way? You should just do it like this!”   And in that aha moment,… (Show more)
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Josh Hill
As your use of Marketo matures, so do their customers become more skilled in the use of the platforms. And that means some customers push the limits of what the system is designed to do. Whether it is running dozens of data correction flows, scoring, and lead lifecycle or accumulating workflow detritus, an older system is often a slower system.… (Show more)
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