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Justin Norris
Do you want to send a different message to someone if they email you during business hours or after hours? What about on the weekend? Should leads be routed to a different sales team based on the time of an inquiry? What about segmenting leads based on dayparting or day-of-week? You can do all this with Marketo and a connected CRM like Salesforce.… (Show more)
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Click to view contentThis week’s Champion Spotlight is Erik Heldebro. Let’s get to know Erik a little bit better!     Company: Bambuser Title: Head of Marketing Ops and Demand Gen Location: Stockholm Hometown: Montreal   What was your first job? Subway Employee when I was 14   How and when did you get started with Marketo? What was your first role and initial… (Show more)
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Jessica Kao
Click to view contentYou already know that Marketo isn't going to send the same email to the same person via the Customer Engagement Program. BUT. . . those aren't the only people that you want to exclude when you are running a nurture program.  You might be promoting a piece of content across 5 different channels and using multiple different emails. What if someone… (Show more)
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Beth Kinamore
Hi there - I am seeing that I have a massive list of Email Invalid, when in fact the email is valid. How do I go about updating this to uncheck the Email Invalid checkbox?   I need these people to start receiving our emails!   Beth
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Grace Brebner
Email is complicated.   And surprisingly enough, it's rarely given the attention it deserves - especially considering the foundational role it tends to play in marketing automation. For people who are new to Marketo, or new to email marketing, it can be a hard nut to crack - as I see it, for two main reasons: Email requires a multitude of skill… (Show more)
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Lena Masrialterman
Hi,  I've built out Engagement Program containing 2 streams (1st - running once a week, 2nd - running once a month). There are 4 default programs activated in each stream (each program holds an email). Is there a way to set up an accelerated test the way the emails of the first stream will run 10 mins apart, and emails of the second stream - 15… (Show more)
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Josh Grant
Click to view contentHello,   I wanted to open this up for discussion on nesting email programs in default programs. Below you will see our batch sends today and an idea I am playing with of nesting email programs in default programs for multiple batch sends in a program to do things like simplify A/B testing.   On the first campaign (what we use today) you will… (Show more)
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Grégoire Michel
This post is the last one of a 3 parts series, starting with this one: Testing the email editor 2.0: Great features, a few glitches and the strong need for a v2.1 and this one: Upgrading to the new email editor 2.0: a recommended migration path   From the tests we have ran, we found out that some of the features where not complete and that some… (Show more)
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Jenn DiMaria
Click to view contentAnother Summit is behind us and with it came a bunch of FAQs. As with any conference, information overload is a very real thing and 45-minute sessions can’t cover everything we want to say or answer every question asked (hence why we preface each year’s session with the words “rapid-fire”).   Juli James and I were lucky enough to get a bunch of… (Show more)
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