Re: What content are we missing?

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What content are we missing?

Not all sports are represented in the Summer Olympics. Although we don't have the power to influence those decisions, we might be able to impact some more relevant choices that will help us as Marketers. Participate in the Marketo Games by sharing topics or suggestions for any content we are missing in Community that could help you be more successful.

This includes Product Docs that may be missing!

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Re: What content are we missing?

Could you expand the Marketo Outlook Add-In Product doc?  I think in the past the product doc used to contain tips on how to identify your version of Outlook - which was helpful.  There may be opportunity to provide troubleshoot details as well; i.e. which browser to use when downloading (I believe Firefox and some other browsers return an error).

I often find myself spending a lot of troubleshooting and providing hands-on support anytime we add a new Email Add-In user.  I'd much prefer to provide them a more detailed product doc instead - that's easy to read from a salesperson's perspective


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Re: What content are we missing?

If we can have more detailed documents on how to use Revenue cycle explorer or RTP and use of same. that would be great. Plus if there can be a workings scenario of integration with ad-words and advantages of the same highlighted, that would be great!!

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Re: What content are we missing?

Hi Neeraj Shahdadpuri​​

I've been working on the RTP Support KB docs lately. I agree we need more on RCE and still more with RTP, but I thought I'd share some of the newest Support KB docs for RTP. Hot off the digital press!

Troubleshooting Support KB Docs

Troubleshooting: Web Personalization (RTP) - Segment Based on Number of Visits Matching Incorrect Le...

Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) – Campaigns Appearing on the Wrong Pages

Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) - RTP Tag

Web Personalization (RTP) - Common issues when uploading Named Account Lists

Web Personalization (RTP) - Top Menu not Displayed

Web Personalization (RTP) - Named Accounts Calibration Issue

Web Personalization (RTP) - ISPs showing up in Organizations page

Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) - Summary Report Issues

Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) - RTP Data not Flowing into Google Analytics (GA) Instance

Troubleshooting - Web Personalization (RTP) Campaigns Not Showing

Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) - Can't Preview Campaigns using Proxy

Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) - Campaign Changes Not Appearing on Your Website

Troubleshooting: Web Personalization (RTP) - Dialog box with image not rendering correctly

Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) Campaign Latency

Troubleshooting - Web Personalization (RTP) Campaigns suddenly stopped working

Troubleshooting: Web Personalization (RTP) Removing scroll bars from RTP dialog box campaigns

Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) -- The Industry widget in the Dashboard is empty

Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) - Content Recommendation Engine Bar shows up on all or exc...

Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) Content Recommendations Appearing Across Domains

Troubleshooting - Web Personalization (RTP) Content Recommendation Engine Not Working

Solutions Support KB Docs

Web Personalization (RTP) - Can I Delete or Edit Lables?

Web Personalization (RTP) - Marketo Email Campaign filter

Web Personalization (RTP) - Organization showing "ISP - Anonymous - Proxy"

Web Personalization (RTP) - How to Exclude the CRE on Specific Pages

Web Personalization (RTP) - Segment Attributes

How To: Web Personalization (RTP) - Show a campaign only on the homepage

Web Personalization (RTP) - Content Recommendations and Assets

How to Embed Video in a Web Personalization (RTP) Campaign

How To: Web Personalization (RTP)  Make a campaign show up on specific pages only

Web Personalization (RTP) - Targeting Leads Coming From Specific Ad Campaigns

Web Personalization (RTP) - What is the difference between Target URL and the Include Pages?

How to test known lead targeting in Web Personalization (RTP)

How does Web Personalization (RTP) calculate views and visits?

Web Personalization (RTP) - How to Show a Campaign Only Once Per Visitor

Web Personalization (RTP) - How To Exclude or Include the CRE on Specific Pages

Web Personalization (RTP) - Analyzing Content Recommendation Engine results in Google Analytics

Web Personalization (RTP) - How does Asset Discovery work?

FAQ Support KB Docs

Web Personalization (RTP) FAQ - Integrations

Web Personalization (RTP) - Google Analytics FAQs

Web Personalization (RTP) FAQ - Content Recommendation Engine (CRE)

We've got more coming, so keep the recommendations rolling in! We're definitely on the look out for what content is needed!

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Re: What content are we missing?

Hello again! One more time around to promote some more new RTP content that just came out:

Troubleshooting Support KB Docs

Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) - Content Analytics: Content Discovery Doesn't Work

Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) - Potential Gaps between RTP Analytics and Google Analytic...

Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) - Segment Matches not Sent to Google Analytics

Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) - Segment not Matching Organizations Visiting the Website

Solutions Support KB Docs

Web Personalization (RTP) - How Visit Duration is Calculated in RTP

Web Personalization (RTP) - Tracking Clicks on Recommendation Engine Content

As you can see, we're trying to get more content out there! RTP was one of the main areas we were lacking but it sounds like there are others like RCE that need improvements as well. Are there any specific areas within RCE that you' like to know more about?

Keep the recommendations coming! I'd love to know what content we should be focusing on next!

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Re: What content are we missing?

I'd love more robust instructions on all of the steps to creating a Revenue Cycle Model

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Re: What content are we missing?

There's definitely not enough information on this and also how it works and how important it is to have your leads move through it organically versus using smart campaigns to move them.

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Re: What content are we missing?


I would like to see webnar-marketo-CMS Integration for better reporting and poll analysis during webinars.

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Re: What content are we missing?

Sale Insight: Expand the product documentation

  • Fuctionality
  • How create the cleanest SI library.
  • Reporting
  • Who is/is not blocked from receipt of SI assets
  • Do system set communication limits also apply to SI assets?
  • When someone unsubscribes from an email does that also unsubscribe them from receiving communication through Sales Insight?