Web Personalization (RTP) - Organization showing "ISP - Anonymous - Proxy"

Version 7

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    Sometimes you'll see an organization show up as "ISP - Anonymous - Proxy" in your visitors list in RTP.


    The Issue

    RTP is a powerful product with an immense database, but not every ISP can be found.  When we receive a visit from an ISP we can't identify, instead of omitting them from our results, we use the name "ISP - Anonymous - Proxy" and set the location to "United States.


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    The Explanation

    Pretty much any free Wifi signal you find like at a library or coffee shop will be listed as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The admins for that ISP service can configure their network in any way they would like, including whether they allow for identification of their network. If there is no data provided, there's nothing for RTP or any other service to gather. In that case, that's when you'd see the "ISP - Anonymous - Proxy" listing for a visitor in RTP.