Community Lens: May 2023

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Community Lens: May 2023

Welcome to the 5th edition of the Adobe Marketo Engage Community Lens! In this edition, read about our newest enhancements to your Community profiles, dive into several exciting blogs by our Product team, sign up for our upcoming webinar on Personalization at Scale, watch our recorded Marketo Engage Champion Office Hours discussion, and more! 




  • Changes to your Community Profile: Last month, we refreshed the Community profile view for all users. You can now filter by your post types (discussions, ideas, etc.) to efficiently find the article you’re looking for! For more information, check out our Product blog.  
  • Learn from your Peers | Cracking the Personalization at Scale Code using Marketo Engage: In today’s data-driven world, if you aren’t personalizing your marketing content, you’re missing an opportunity to connect with your audience. Join Marketo Engage Champions, Courtny Edwards-Jones and Darshil Shah, on May 4th at 8AM PT as they share their wisdom to get the most mileage using personalization features available within Adobe Marketo Engage.
  • May Champion Office Hours: Our next Champion Office Hours is on May 11th at 8AM PT and features Jane M., Darshil S., Chris W., and Lauren M. Be sure to RSVP now so that you can ask live questions about your Marketo Engage instance, specific use cases you’re curious about, or anything else Marketo Engage-related!



In This Edition


  • Sales Activity Attribution with Marketo Measure and Marketo Sales Insights Action: In this product blog by @Andy_Paul, he explains how to utilize Marketo Measure and Sales Insights Actions to easily track and measure the impact of your outbound sales activities and more.
  • Localizing Global Form Validation Error Messages: Learn how to localize server-enforced banned email domains with Community veteran @SanfordWhiteman. This will allow you to enable additional language support using JS and more.
  • Merge Two Marketo Engage Instances Seamlessly: Sometimes, the inevitable happens. Mergers or acquisitions can bring any two businesses together, and by extension, two or more Marketo Engage instances. In this information blog, Community Advisor @Vinay_Kumar dives into 6 crucial steps to ensure that merging multiple Marketo Engage instances goes as smooth as can be.
  • Strengthening your Pipeline with Marketo Engage Sales Insight: If you’ve ever been curious about Marketo Engage Sales Insight, now’s your chance to learn more! This quick read by Product Manager @Ambika_Shetty details how Marketo Sales Insight arms sales and marketing teams to understand buyer behavior at a deeper level, drive efficiency through a real-time dashboard of customer insights, and more.
  • Jumping into Actions with Sales Insights: Sales Insight Actions helps sales reps become more efficient by layering sales actions with marketing insights, personalizing customer experience teams with unified view of all relevant data, and more. This guide provides feature-by-feature explanations (with photos) to get you up to speed on the latest Sales Insight Actions capabilities.



In Case You Missed It


  • April Champion Office Hours: In last month’s Champion Office Hours discussion, Marketo Engage Champions Brooke B., Max M., Britney Y., Jimmy S., and Courtney T. tuned in to answer live Q&A from attendees. Check out the recording to learn more!
  • Learn from your Peers | Templates, Tokens, and Teamwork Recap: Did you miss the last “Learn from your Peers” webinar series? Check out this post recap on the Community, which includes session highlights, webinar slides, the live recording, a Q&A transcript, and more!
  • Marketo Engage Champion Deep Dive | Email Nurture: On this April 25th event, Marketo Engage Champions Lauren M., Melissa D., and Andy C. teamed up to discuss all the key factors to consider when devising your own lead nurturing strategy. In this discussion, you’ll also see some successful nurture examples to apply to your marketing campaigns.


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