Learn from your peers webinar Q&A Follow-up | Templates, tokens, and teamwork: how to make your Adobe Marketo Engage content scalable

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Updated on Mar 9th, 2023 with additional Q&A.


Missed the live webinar? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Find the recording and the slides below for your on-demand learning.


Session highlights:

  • Templates are the foundation of scalable success. Use tokens to populate template content.
  • Tokens create consistency across regions and brands and improve governance and reduce errors.
  • Advanced use cases to create governance across multiple brands & regions.
  • Apply "Intake Forms" and "Campaign Briefs" to collect all the info you need and streamline campaign creation across teams.
  • QA tips to avoid pitfalls.

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Looking for additional resources on Templates and Tokens? We recommend diving into these materials: 


We’ve worked with @laurenmccormack to answer the questions the audience submitted during the live webinar. Check out the answers below. Comment below if you have additional feedback or questions to share. Happy learning! 




As a marketing operations specialist, one of my goals is to attribute revenue to marketing efforts. We currently have no systems in place to do so. What's the best way to build an attribution model from the ground up?

Start by defining a handful of measurable KPIs and an attribution model or models that are agreed upon across the organization. Then, create a data capture strategy. Finally, define and build the actual reports themselves.

Do you have best in class examples of intake & campaign briefs you can share?

They are really personalized to your organization. For forms, think through all the requirements you need to capture. For campaign briefs, what details are important to your stakeholders?

Can you provide a real example of this workflow(campaign request)? It isn't making sense to me.

We encourage you to search “campaign request” or “intake request form process” online to locate examples of the fields that could be include in a campaign request form. In 23:58, the speaker also shared the key triggers across this process by using applications. To look for specific examples used by the speaker, you may reach out to her in private.

How do you become more confident in the use case of each program type? Sometimes I'm unsure if something needs a Live Event or a Nurture.

It mostly depends on the goal of your marketing initiative. If your goal is to nurture your leads, the best way is with an engagement program, because it is easier to automate and track for your goal. But if your goal is to manage an event, the best way is with an event program. Try to align your program type with the goals of your marketing initiatives.

Does import program work from a production INTO a sandbox?

You can ask Marketo Support to see if it's possible between the two instances on the backend, but it's not a native feature.

Is there a way to preview all pre-built programs before importing them?

No, you need to download and test drive each one individually. You can delete the ones you don't use.

How can we ensure that tokens will always work when using third party applications for email templates?

There is no one-size-fits-all recipe, the most important thing is to have a strong QA process to assure that your tokens are working. It is always a good practice to test your emails using differents leads and segments, different email clients, desktop and mobile version and darkmode. But the best solution would be to create a QA process that fits your company requirements

how do you test/QA tokens within landing pages once they are live? (from what I understand, once you save the changes in the token, the changes are pushed live)

If no traffic is going to them, they are live when published, but nobody will stumble upon them. So just be sure to test quickly!

Where do we go to create a Program Template?

Create a Center of Excellence folder under Marketing Activities to house all your program templates.

How do you style the ics file if I want to change the link color?

You can add the styling in the name in the Token, you can add the CSS in the head of the email, or edit the html of the email as described here.

Can I use tokens in buttons?

Yes, you can add tokens in buttons as usual. You can even make a calendar token as a button using html as described here.

can we use tokens inside tokens?

No, unless it is inside a velocity script token

Is there any way to get around Marketo's max size for velocity script? We have a very large script that is too big for Marketo, even after getting of all the spaces.

The main workaround is to use more efficient code structures.

Do alerts only work with Salesforce

No, you can use any field token as an email in the Send Alert step.

What are some effective ways to utilize email performance reports for business growth beyond analyzing open rates, clicks, and unsubscribes? Can you share some tips to make the most of email performance reports? Thanks

Start benchmarking against KPIs beyond opens and clicks. Define success by channel. Look at conversion rates through your demand funnel. Think about program ROI.

Email Link Clicks: How do you filter out automated link clicks (likely from virus scanners or spam checkers)? I have the checkbox checked to filter these out - but it doesn't seem to work.

That checkbox is rather new and still somewhat tricky. Embed a honey pot hidden link, where if clicked, you’ll know it was the work of a spambot scanner.

What are some fallback options for Tokens w/out data populated?

Your defaults are entered into the spot that says =EDITME in the token. So for "Dear <firstname>," you could use a default of "Dear colleague,"

Will the email template briefs you previewed in the slides be available for download? Thank you

You can find example briefs online, but I highly encourage you to make your own and customize them to your own stakeholders.

how come token in a ICS file doesn't always work?

It might be because your email is going out with the ICS file too quickly. The Marketo-webinar sync can sometimes take time and, then the tokens appear to be empty. Try a wait step.

how to use the "SFDC Campaign" Token?

Use it in a Smart Campaign in a "Add to SFDC Campaign" flow step

How to calculate Programs generate average % of inflow/pipeline?

We will need clarification to address your question. Feel free to post clarifications below or reach out to the speaker in private.

Are there any issues with Drop and Drag modules and tokens? One thing I've noticed is if you go into the HTML editor in Marketo the template breaks. Would this affect tokens and their uses?

This question is more suited to our Support Engineers. We recommend you file a ticket for our Support team to investigate on this issue.

Any tips on managing tokens so that they don't become undeletable (if you know, you know!)?

Tokens that are in use cannot be deleted. Some community users shared their tips on managing the tokens in this scenario. Please reference these two posts for inspiration:  

Rename the tokens

Create the same token with the same name at the program level