Report Modal Rollback

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

In our January 2023 release we rolled out a new version of the modal that Report assets use to filter on assets. Due to customer feedback, we have decided to temporarily roll back these changes over the next two weeks for all customers in order to make some changes in how it was implemented.


Why was this change made?

A goal of the Modern UX project has been to upgrade the underlying infrastructure that powers Marketo Engage. The asset tree (what you see on the left side of Marketo) was the first of these components that was upgraded to a new design that introduced new enhancements that increased scalability and performance. The asset filter modals in Analytics Report assets were the final areas of Marketo Engage that were still utilizing the legacy asset tree. This change updated the backend of the report modal to use the modern tree infrastructure and new design components.


Why did it behave differently than the previous modal?

This is because of the differences in the underlying designs of the legacy tree and the modern tree. The legacy tree performed slow and inefficient queries that stressed Marketo Engage’s backend as well as client browsers. The modern tree performs queries more intelligently by lazy loaded assets when they are needed, and prioritizing results based on when they were most recently modified. This introduces changes when browsing through and searching for assets in the tree. There were also changes introduced by new UX components such new ways to select line items, new filters, new colors, and new tabs.


We realize that the new behaviors introduced in this update did not meet all customer use cases.


What happens now?

Over the next two weeks we will begin rolling back the update on all customer subscriptions to return them to the legacy tree modal. We will stagger this rollback to ensure the legacy tree service remains stable and does not cause further issues with report assets. We will also be investigating updates to the underlying infrastructure and UX components of the modern reporting modal to address feedback we received on:

  • Searching on program or folder name
  • Behavior of the Show More button in program and campaign folders
  • Behavior of asset selecting and retaining choices
  • Color contrast between backgrounds and selections
  • Asset selection counts
  • Scrolling behavior


Thank you for your patience as we ensure this modal meets a high standard of quality that fits your use cases.