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Guillem Fiter
Hello,   how can I send a offer in a referral program, once the user has shared the content through a smart list trigger?   May anyone help me? Cheers
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Amanda Borshoff
When exporting a list and including "Person Source" in the export, it shows 2 columns "Person Source" and "Person Source (A)". What is the difference? And why are their discrepancies between the 2?   For example, in some instances there is now Person Source, but there is a Person Source (A). And in some records, the Person Source and Person… (Show more)
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Sarah Way
Is it possible to split up a field's data into two separate fields?   We are creating a survey and asking for a preferred phone number (work, home or cell). In our CRM, we keep separate fields for the area codes, so each phone type has two separate fields (work area code, work phone number; home area code, home phone number; cell area code, cell… (Show more)
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Port worx
Hi all,   is it possible to measure how long do leads stay on our website and how many pages did they visit?   Thanks,
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Boone White
Hi all,    Looking for a way to pull people's individual website data from people in Marketo in Mass. Does anyone know of a scalable way to export that?
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Christian Tovar
Hi All, I'm curious to learn more about your process with Marketing and Sales regarding sales insight? I find that a lot of my reps are wanting me to blast their leads with "personal" emails on top of what Marketing already sends. I receive the complaint that Sales Insight limits them to only 200 per blast, which is true. However, as a marketing… (Show more)
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Katie Page
I'm creating a newsletter and the header of each section and some of the text seems to be cut off when I send a sample to myself, as if the white space in different modules are overlapping to cover part of the text and some that aren't cut off look scrunched. Everything looks fine while editing and in preview mode, but when it comes through in my… (Show more)
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Hi, I have two Custom Objects defining articles I wish to email to each lead, structured as follows: Library: a list of articles with unique IDs Index: two link fields, one to Lead and one to Library When I view the lead detail page, I can see the Library items associated with each Lead via Index. However, when I try to create a token to… (Show more)
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Marketo User
I have some content that I'd like to gate It can be a "soft" gate (i.e. just difficult to access without filling out the lead form rather than impossible) I currently plan to do this by redirecting the user to the asset after they fill out the form using the "Thank you page" redirect, checking that the referrer is my marketo subdomain, and then… (Show more)
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Diego Lineros
After 6 or more years using Marketo, I can say Marketo is starting to dissapoint. Every release is slimmer than the previous, or out of focus. Why I am saying this? Basic missing features that for years are being requested are still missing. In the era of AI you can't even evaluate a date token without calling a webhook. The reporting is… (Show more)
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