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Sant Singh Rathaur
Today I have uploaded the leads with wrong mapping for email address but I noticed all the leads were uploaded having email address blank. Is there any way we can block this type of lead creation?
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Alexander Lamb
Hi Marketo Nation?   I wanted to know if it was possible to take the field Original Referrer and populate or update a custom field with its data? Example: Where I want to populate a field with the keyword: 0001   Thank you.
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Ben Neal
I know you can export all fields and their api names and display names, but is there a way to get the data types of the fields in bulk (i.e. in a list)?
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Charles Sanderson
I'm trying out a solution posted here:   Everything seems fine while previewing in Marketo, but when I send a test (html and text) to my Outlook or a Gmail acount, the Text version is giving html version, written out. It looks like the script fires, but only gives the first, html version.   If so, I've… (Show more)
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Peter Crowell
Hello,   I want to track the source for incoming leads, so we can connect sales to marketing efforts.   As an example:   google ad > landing page form fill > new contact in Marketo.   Assuming a new contact clicked a google ad, then filled out the form on the resulting page, is there a way to show that in their marketo record?   Thanks!… (Show more)
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Michael Guanci
Hi Everyone,   A few months ago I started running into the issue around the email sercuity bot scanners counting false clicks in marketo.  One way to combat this was following Sanford Whiteman blog post around using the redirect page as a way to find the true clicks with a web visit along with the email click.   The problem I have ran into… (Show more)
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Diana Jakubaityte
Hey there,   We would like to send users to the stream, but set up a transition rule to send all emails in the stream, except of one email with an asset because they already received that asset promoted within an email. Is this doable?   We have other transition rules in place: send to the stream if someone clicked on the link in the self… (Show more)
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Evgen Gress
Greetings. We’re preparing our online Dynamics 365 (ver 8) to upgrade to ver 9. There is a question regarding Marketo integration: Is someone tested Plugin Solution with CRM version 9? Is everything operational? I am little bit concerned because latest version is for Dynamics 2016 and in latest CRM update there was major security protocols… (Show more)
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Dan Stevens
I just saw the Fall release notes and noticed that one of the most popular feature requests is finally happening:   This is especially significant for those of us who operate globally (or even across the US, given the multiple time zones).  Today, we're forced to build complex engagement programs in each country workspace - primarily due to… (Show more)
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I've just tried to implement new forms on my domain. Works great. Thus I could switch all my forms and stop doing the "iframe" workarounds. One major issue I don't succeed in fixing : pre-fill does not seem to work / fields do not populate with my lead details. Anyone can help with this ? Thanks all. Love you.
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