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Jon Jagelsky
Is there a way to assign a task to the Account owner instead of the Contact owner when the SFDC type is Contact?
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Denise Greenberg
I've been asked to create a checkbox field called Target Account 2019 and set it to True for... you guessed it... our Target Accounts for the year. I'm reluctant to create new Target Account field every year from 2019 going forward. You know, Target Account 2020, Target Acount 2021....... Target Account 2030.... as opposed to one Target Account… (Show more)
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Sue Wang
Click to view contentHi I am using a marketo out of the box template "Mission Control". The emails renders OK in preview and Gmail. But Outlook is adding extra line spacing. Is there anything I can do to trick Outlook to have normal line spacing? Can someone help please?   Outlook:   Preview:
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Jeffrey Hanrahan
I'm trying to create a list of all the emails/email program from one workspace that were sent out in the past two years. The list also needs to include the date that it was sent and I will need to export out as a CSV.
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Mayowa Ajiboye
Hi there,   We are having some major issues with our templates and cannot figure out the course. We created a few email templates that have worked in the past ( they are 2.0 complaint), however over the last week or so, we are unable to drag modules from the templates when creating an email. The weird thing is 1. These templates worked in the… (Show more)
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Liz Krause
Hello,   I'm fairly new to Marketo.  Trying to setup Scoring.  We do not have Sales Insights or Salesforce.       I have an OP - Scoring - Demographic Program, but since it's based on demographics and not an action, I cannot use the Trigger for the Smart List step.   It does not give me an option for Activating this Smart Campaign.       What I… (Show more)
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Broderick Klemetson
Click to view contentI apologize as this should really be a blog post, but I don't have the ability to post to blogs, so here it is. I figured I would share my experience with integrating Zoom with Marketo and using it for the past 2 years. Hopefully this can serve as a resource to anyone else looking to setup this integration in the future.   Note: My method of… (Show more)
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Morgan Corbett
Click to view contentWe're tracking paid advertising efforts through a program channel called "paid advertising" and managing through smart campaigns; however, we're experiencing an issue with tracking.   Questions: Question 1: If you update the member statuses in a program, does it sync over to SFDC? Question 2: If you update the "success" for a member status,… (Show more)
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Karen Vuong
I have a short pre-header (23 characters). When I do inbox preview testing, I see my additional text from my email being pulled in also. Is there a way to prevent/hide that without extending my pre-header or changing my email layout?pre-header#
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Hobie Thompson
Click to view contentI am trying to send a webinar Thank You email with an "Add to Calendar" CTA. As most of us know, ICS files work well for Outlook, but not for Gmail. I thought I could use conditional CSS, but it turns out that Gmail doesn't really handle conditional CSS in a way that would allow for that method. After a bit of searching, I found this solution from… (Show more)
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