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Ankit Dua
Hi All,   Is there a way I can pass the data from Custom objects to Marketo fields? I have some specific fields on custom objects for which I want to pass the data.   Thanks
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Kevin Lustgarten
Click to view contentI couldn't find the specific answer I need for this. I've got a bunch of checkbox fields set up in a form, and trying to align boxes left of text. I followed instructions about deleting the label content and setting label width to 0. Then I set up rich text for each checkbox and aligned to the right of each box. The text is slightly above the box,… (Show more)
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DJ Erraballi
I am working on extracting data for a crm integration with marketo.  The primaryAttributeValueId for web page visits appears to not map to the landing page asset ids. If so is there a way i can determine the landing page id given an activity from the bulk activity exctract API? 
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Tali Levi
Hello Community!   I write to ask for your ideas .  we have implemented a lead scoring system and I am looking for ideas to improve the model we currently have. All ideas are welcome!!!   Current flows we have: 1. Score website page visits (more than one in a day) 2. Score webinar registration and attendance 3. Score hot leads from events 4.… (Show more)
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Kristin Masliuk
Hi!    I am looking for a way to see all of the emails that are scheduled to go out or in a queue to go out (based on triggers). I'd like to see them all in one place so I don't have to hunt through all of the folders in the marketing activities area. Does this exist somewhere? Ideally, I could pull this at the end of the day for the next day or… (Show more)
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Crystal Pacheco_SB
Is there any danger in updating an email template that's associated with many emails? 1000+ emails or 5000+ emails? I once updated an email template associated with about 600 emails and it took almost an hour for Marketo to approve the updated email template. My concern is that it will begin the updating process and maybe crash and cause the… (Show more)
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Teresa Hsu
Hello,   I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to block certain field entry if the leads are from API integrations. We recently work with a vendor and they send leads to Marketo thru API integration.  However, they also populate the Person Source with the vendor's name as value and that's not the value I want to put in the Person Source… (Show more)
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Devendra Chauhan
I am importing the leads through Api.and passing list id there. The lead is added in Marketo.   The Activity log of lead also shows, that the lead is added in the static list but when we check the static list, the lead doesn’t exist there. Have anyone faced this type of issue earlier,?
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Julie Hansberry
Click to view contentWe are working to setup “pause my subscription” functionality in our soon to be re-launched preference center. See screen grab below.  And we don’t know how to build the logic in our instance.  Can you help point me in the right direction?  All I could find in the Marketo community is this blurb and it didn’t help at all, “Pause for 30 days > when… (Show more)
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Jordan Dayton
I'm new to Marketo so this might be the easiest question ever!    We just ran a campaign and sent to 150 individuals.    I'd like to have a report where the names of each individual appears on individual rows, in the first column, then have all of the following columns be all of the specific details about the email campaign (e.g. Hard Bounce |… (Show more)
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