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Danielle Chan
Has anyone A/B tested the scenario of adding a photo of the sales rep to their email signature for an email campaign? I'm curious if there's any significant increase in conversions.   (If this is not the place for this sort of question, please let me know.)
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Jarom Hulon
I am trying to create a segment based on a list we have in Marketo. However, the list will not show up when I try to create the segment. Any ideas of why this may be?
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Kennedy Weible
We're following the steps on this Marketo blog post: And we can't make it track the starts and finishes. We're using a Marketo guided landing page.
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Aaron Banko
Hello All   so i have this strategy below and need some advice in what would be the best to utilize i.e. engagement streams or just normal drip (i am swaying towards normal drip programs just because of different complexities that leads will be doing).     Rules: there are specific statues that leads will need to go into the below flows and if… (Show more)
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John Danielson
I apologize for the crazy title. I wasn't really sure how to word this question!   We are creating a preference center right now. There will be four email types to select from as well as a global unsubscribe option. All of these fields will appear as checkboxes. I am trying to figure out a way to make the four options automatically uncheck if… (Show more)
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Matt Stone
I'm poking around in RCE and am trying to create a custom measure to use in an opportunity analysis field. Essentially, I want to recreate the Opportunity Amount measure, but using a custom synced field (we don't use the native Amount field in SFDC opportunities). However, when I click "Create Calculated Measure" the only fields visible are… (Show more)
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Tyria Saul
Hi all, I'm building our first ever subscription center for GDPR and I'm trying to get my form to send users to different thank you pages based on their choices. For example, they can opt out of email and/or opt out of cookie tracking. If they opt-in to email and opt-out of tracking we need to send them to a certain landing page with the no… (Show more)
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Sierra Summers
Curious to hear how others are preparing for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?
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Patrick Cash
We have begun to notice that our trigger campaigns are not executing. I notified support and they mentioned we have 'high priority' smart campaigns that are taking precedent over our other smart campaigns. However, the examples support have provided were implement 6+ months ago and we haven't had any issues before. Also, it doesn't appear that we… (Show more)
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Anandraj S
Hello,   One of my client is looking to merge duplicate leads in Marketo. There are 7k records, so totally 14k records (with duplicates). We estimate 200 hours of work if we do manually.   Is there any way to do this automatically, probably using any API?     Thanks Anand
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