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Sanford Whiteman
Velocity does something magical when you just output a Lead field (without any other code at all).  The magic: it truly outputs the value as stored in Marketo. A {{lead.token}} doesn’t do that by default.   Community user AB wondered why a Textarea containing an HTML table was revealing raw HTML (as text) in emails, as opposed to rendering the… (Show more)
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Jeremy Gendelman
Click to view contentHi all,   I setup a new smart campaign (only filters, no triggers) and attempted to test by adding a couple specific email address as one of the filters (#7). I see that a test email address IS being brought in as a "member" of the campaign *** it should, but it is not being pushed into the flow and there is no email activity in the campaign.  … (Show more)
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Lisa Forson
Hi all,   Our company is in the process of implementing Marketo, which is our first ever venture into the marketing automation world. We are still in the middle of setting up our instance and going through onboarding.   I have some experience in being an end-user of automation platforms at other organisations, but I'm brand new into an admin… (Show more)
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Jimmy Forde
Click to view contentHello!  I am trying to make a form field visible only if there is a null value for another field in our instance. I have tried to implement using this thread: Form field conditional on current vlaue. However when I test it doesn't seem to work, the form value that I am trying to hide/show ( IS Agency) keeps showing no matter what.    The form I… (Show more)
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Mark Goonetilleke
Click to view contentHow do I get my Marketo form follow up external URL to open in new window. I have tried a few codes and I can't seem to get it work correctly. I have 3 options depending "external URL's" it may open in depending on a selection by the user. Currently it opens in a the same window.   
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Ronnie Duke
Greetings Marketo Community!   I have recently come across a new (to me) issue with tracking website visits initiated by an email send.   Most of us are familiar by now with the "fake clicks" performed by the client's email server to check if the email is malicious or not.    What I noticed on a recent email send though, is that there were… (Show more)
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Danielle Chan
If I set up Salesforce Campaign Sync for a Marketo Program, do I have to create smart campaigns to change program status? Or will it just automatically update when a lead opens, clicks, fills out form?   Can you share any examples of your smart campaigns to do this? Do you include triggers? Or just the Change Program Status flow?   Thanks
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Samantha Cossum
Hi all, I have a program running that looks at training records for our clients (which we store in COs) and will send an alert to our vendor to delivery something if the date of the training is within 14 days. I have an email script set up to pull the date of the training in to the alert to the vendor and I had originally set it up to sort by… (Show more)
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Kevin Farley
With some of the updates and end of life support of certain versions of Internet Explorer we would like to see if there is a way to tart recent visitors that have been using Internet Explorer.  The plan is to encourage these user to be sure that their browser is up to date in order for their online banking security to remain secure and available.
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Malik Zafar
so we need to track conversions for LinkedIn based on Thank You Page, however we use this specific thank you page for multiple landing pages.   i think the solution here is to pass a querystring to the thank you page so that the URL is unique.   is there a way to get this done via MKTO?     and while on the topic of thank you pages, what is the… (Show more)
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