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Eoin Lyons
We have a bi-directional sync between Marketo and Salesforce. I'm curious to know what should happen in the following scenario: A lead has the same owner in SFDC and Marketo. The owner is changed on the SFDC side. Before that update is synced to Marketo, Marketo syncs the lead to SFDC using auto assignment rules.
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Nik Friedman TeBockhorst
I've been digging around to figure out how to handle a multi-part referral form. The basic flow is:   A partner/referrer fills out a form with their information They then fill out a form with the information of the propect/referred-person, pre-populating a hidden field with the email address provided in Step 1 so that they get credit for the… (Show more)
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Amir Saint
  I need assistance with a task. I have a landing page with a form on it. Our sales teams directs people to this form. I want to differentiate the people who fill out this form. For example, if person A fills out the form and Person A is already an existing record in my Salesforce/Marketo instance (SFDC and Marketo have a sync) they go through… (Show more)
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Chris Politzki
Having difficulties in getting this trackable by Marketo. Activity type should be 'Click Email' and not 'Visit Webpage'.   In Velocity Tokens: Setting Custom Query Strings: #set($campaign_days_map = { 90 : "?rc=5346&ac=2019&utm_medium=email&utm_source=marketo&utm_campaign=perpetual-wwall-email-renewal-90days", 60 :… (Show more)
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Marc Comption
#if( $lead.dSSiteID == "3670" )      #set( $ScriptTokenTEST = "" )     <a href = "https://${ScriptTokenTEST}">Big Star Honda</a> #elseif( $lead.dSSiteID == "2289" )      #set( $ScriptTokenTEST = "" )      <a href = "https://${ScriptTokenTEST}">Hamer Toyota</a> #else      #set(… (Show more)
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Adrian Cardelle
Hi all! I have a trigged smart campaign (in Default Program A), set up to listen when someone fills out a particular global form that we have in one of our website pages. It is set up for registration to a future event. The flow step is currently set just to change the program status to "Live Event> Registered".    I have then set up several… (Show more)
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FirstEnt Development
Hi everyone, I'm either getting a null response or a failure in the success field. Is there anything you can see in this C# snippet that is off or needs to be changed? Thanks in advance   apologies for lack of indents. copy/paste ruined it   static void BatchUpload(HttpClient client) { using (client) { MultipartFormDataContent form = new… (Show more)
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Tyjen Conley
Hi community,   Marketo Design "customized" some email templates for our organization as part of our Launch Pack, but these templates fail to render properly in the MS Outlook app. After opening cases with Support, they've told us that they don't handle HTML coding and that we should purchase their deliverability powerpack?! I've tinkered around… (Show more)
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Crystal Pacheco_SB
Is there any danger in updating an email template that's associated with many emails? 1000+ emails or 5000+ emails? I once updated an email template associated with about 600 emails and it took almost an hour for Marketo to approve the updated email template. My concern is that it will begin the updating process and maybe crash and cause the… (Show more)
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Karen Vuong
Hi, New to Marketo here! Where can I find Marketo supported benchmark metrics to measure our click to open, and open rates for our industry? (Financial Services)   I've checked this doc: The-new-metrics-for-email-marketing.pdf, but it's not specific to industry. Any suggestions? Thank you!
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