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Sean Richards
Click to view contentI just converted a lead to a contact in Salesforce, and then the record triggered a score update:     This is despite having a criteria on our score triggers (which are global, not campaign specific) to exclude the "Lead merge" reason.   Funny enough as I write this I've noticed that the Reason value in this latest "Merge" has a different… (Show more)
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Maddie Vararu
Hi guys,   I've put together an email based on our own template and sent samples, all worked fine. My team wanted to see what the email would look like as a "personal note", so I used the Marketo template for that and put in the same text I previously had, with the personalisation I used in the previous version. I must have done at least 4-5 send… (Show more)
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Andreia Norsa
Hi, I'm looking for a platform to track % watched videos on Youtube, Vimeo, and External LPs. Which tools would you recommend? I have seen Vidyard and Wistia. Could you give more info based on your experience (positive and negative) of both? Or, would you recommend other suppliers? Thanks. Andreia
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Charlotte Laffargue
Good afternoon/morning everyone, I noticed that a contact had been deleted from the database - one that we use very regularly. I would like to know what happened: if one of the people working with Marketo in our company deleted it (hoepfully by mistake) or, more importantly,if this is a programme that's running in the background and might… (Show more)
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Jamie Hunter
Hi Marketo Community! We recently implemented contact scoring (in addition to leads) and ran into an issue with our behavior scoring campaigns. When a lead is converted to a contact in Salesforce,  the old activity from the lead is updated on the contact (ie responded campaign member status from a prior SFDC campaign), resulting in a sync update… (Show more)
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Meredith Gallivan
I am sending out an email in which I need to reference back to a previous email. What is the best way to link to that email?
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Tatsuya Sugihara
Click to view content初めて投稿します。基礎的な内容であればすみません。 タイトルのとおりなのですがうまく通知が来ないため質問をさせてください。   現状Marketoタグを埋め込んだサイトドメインを含むURLに、タギングしたリードが来た際に通知が来るように設定したく、下記のようなWebHookを設定しております。 ※黒塗りの部分はSlackAPIのWebhookです。     下記リード優先度がABCのいずれかに該当する場合に、通知が来るようスマートリストを設定し、     下記先程のWEBHOOKを呼び出すようにしております。     現状、タギングしたリードでなく、サイト訪問者がいた場合匿名で通知が来る状況なのですがこれを変更したいです。    … (Show more)
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Sant Singh Rathaur
Has anyone noticed this issue while using marketo sky? Today I created some smart campaigns and in the flow step when I am trying to add acquisition program, it's not coming in the dropdown. Even when I entered the exact program name I see an error message.   Any idea how to fix this or where to report this?
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Leticia DoPrado
Hi,   I'm struggling to figure out what report I can use in Marketo to report on any activity for contacts at 10 specific accounts for the past 12 months.   I just don't know if Marketo can give me this aggregate data.   Some context: My company has recently been acquired and we have a list of 10 accounts from the parent company and we want to… (Show more)
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Jeffrey Hanrahan
We have a SalesForce Field that has been established for a couple of year now is missing the information in Marketo. The field has information in SalesForce for all of the leads/contacts, however some of the Marketo profiles do not have that field filled out. I know the field is synching correctly because profiles that are being created today have… (Show more)
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