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Peter DeMichele
We are working to scale our digital marketing efforts at my company, building more campaigns, emails, landing pages, forms, etc. We have worked to developed a strong email 2.0 template as well as a pretty flexible landing page template with a 3rd party design team. Our internal creative services team wants to get more involved, working directly… (Show more)
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Franky Ruysschaert
I want to setup behavioral scoring, but different scoring fields for different products. So I would have as score fields scoring_behavioral_product1 scoring_behavioral_product2 One of the elements influencing the score is 'clicked link in email' with the restriction of not being the unsubscribe link or the link to the preference center.  I am… (Show more)
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Mihai Dobrescu
Hello,   I'm trying to upload a file to Marketo via REST API(nodejs app) and I've managed to do it for small size files with npm package "request-promise".    const options = { method : 'POST', uri: uri, formData:{ name:filename, folder:folder, file: { value: fs.createReadStream(path, {highWaterMark: 256 * 1024}), options: { filename:… (Show more)
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Malik Zafar
Has the process for being able to send Marketo Emails through Salesforce changed with Lightning? Is it true that MSI emails are not supported via Lightning at this time?   What is everyone doing to work around this?   Thanks!
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Zachary Batastini
Click to view contentI am having some issues debugging marketo forms on my site using the embed code. Whenever the page first loads, the form(s) load perfectly fine. If i were to refresh the page (or go to another page with a same/different form on it) the form does not load.   When looking at the "Network" view of the page's code, I see there are a ton of errors… (Show more)
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Cameron Zellner
Click to view contentHello -  I am trying to make a Salesforce campaign sync using the native sync between Marketo program and SFDC campaign but after it syncs 50K records out of 140K records this error message is returned in Marketo.  What does Apex CPU time limit exceeded refer to and how would I go about fixing this? Thanks.
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Jason Reber (THV)
Hi all, I've created a web personalization campaign of the dialog variety.   The campaign works just fine - I go to the target URL and I see the dialog. But when I refresh the page - or close/re-open my browser and go back to the page - I no longer see the campaign dialog. Is this by design? Maybe specific to the dialog campaign type? Am I able… (Show more)
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Jeff Smith
We'd like to map the owner upon assignment to a custom field. For example, when a new lead is created, the routing rules are requested, and Sally Jones is assigned the owner of the new record, we'd like Sally Jones to be the value populated on another field called "Marketo Owner" so that it lives in two places. Is this possible?   I have a ticket… (Show more)
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Dawn Beam
I am trying to figure out a way to see what specific actions have happened to a static list - specifically the dates of uploads to that list, the number of people added and if I can the specific records that were added.   Can someone tell me if/how to do this in Marketo?   Thank you. 
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Mihai Bejgu
I've sent a huge campaign using Whole Emails A/B test (Visual vs. Text versions), and I'm trying to set up a smart list to capture leads based on the version they received to send out proper follow-up:   1. {email name}.visual + Custom Object Criteria 2. (email name).text + Custom Object Criteria   How can I differentiate the Persons that… (Show more)
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