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Frank Fu
Click to view contentI'd like to create a new activity filter and name it say Filter1 which contains only  Change Data Value and Add to List checked.   It would be nice if I can save it as Filter1 and then create another with Filter2 with say Email Delivered and Visit Web Page checked and then be able to easily switch between Filter1 and Filter2   Is this possible?… (Show more)
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Travis Schwartz
I have been charged with creating an auto responder for a project and sending someone who fills out a form content based on what they had asked for. This is standard and I know what to do for it. but now they are asking if someone can be allowed to make multiple selections and the message be indicative of that.   I know one way of doing it would… (Show more)
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Ronn Burner
Here is what I'm being told from above that I need to solve for. I can't figure this out.   Think of our product model as DirecTV. A customer can go online and select (subscribe) to any channel or combination of channels they choose. - - So I have 10 ala carte products and a new subscriber signs up to any 1 single product or any number… (Show more)
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Kim Gandy
Why would unique email addresses display in the System Smart List: Possible Duplicates? The only filter on the smart list is "Duplicate Field IS Email Address" and these emails only have one record per email. 
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Malcolm Price
workspaces and lead partitions events    We have many global events and we need to send follow-up emails to those who attended. The issue we have is that the leads sit in different workspaces and when uploading the data the leads need to be placed in different partitions in different workspaces. This effects the send out of the follow-up program… (Show more)
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Amanda Giacobassi
*NOTE: this question was originally asked using the term "seed list". I use that to mean a group of contacts to enroll (or seed) into a marketing campaign. I am essentially talking about a smart list with advanced filters! ---- I'm working on increasing the nuance of our marketo programs, and want to make sure I build out seed lists in a scalable… (Show more)
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Ryan Olsen
Hello!   Our Marketo instance has several workspaces, with no database partitions. Our plan is to have one lead lifecycle campaign in our global workspace, and use conditional statements to seperate out which lead goes where, by using workspace abbreviations in program names. Before we start down that route, does anyone have experience with this… (Show more)
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I'm noticing a number of adblockers(Ublock / Adblock Plus with addtional filters) are blocking Marketo's clientside Forms 2. Sadly these forms are completely unusable when they are being blocked like this.   Any possible solutions to this problem? Perhaps I need to take a look at the REST API instead and do on the backend instead.   Thoughts?  … (Show more)
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Parul Arora
In a promotional email, Unsubscribe link is not associated to person's ID. This is a generic link( see below) Therefore I can unsubscribe anyone(by giving any other person's ID) also from same unsubscribe link.    It is not a correct use case per me,  Is there a… (Show more)
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Julie Colwell
Hi Everyone, We have been working on our integration with Cvent and I'm curious as how have you handled it from a Marketo perspective.   Do you send all emails and Invites out of Cvent and just push the data over to a Marketo Program? Do you send the invites out of Marketo and manage the Registration through Cvent?   Would love your input and… (Show more)
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