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Brian Law
Here’s some information to help you sort things out when you hit an API limit.   First here’s a great article about API usage Summary of the article: If you have multiple web services creating individual API users is recommended: It is easier to understand… (Show more)
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Spencer Phillips
I was tasked with finding an answer regarding email deliverability by account and am struggling on the best way to get to the data I need.   Background: We recently ran a customer-only webinar and sent invites out of Marketo. We want to know deliverability by account. The concern is that one account may have received zero emails in the inbox and… (Show more)
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Addy Sharma
Hi All,   I've a banner on a third party website, clicking on which takes someone to our website, which has forms - filling on the forms generates alerts that goes to our inbound team.   The Question is -  I need to distinguish between the alerts that gets generated when Lead directly fills out the forms on our website vs when they have been… (Show more)
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Kim Yearwood
I'm on Mac and for the past 2-4 days, my screen display (specifically on email screen "Preview") has scroll tabs that are as long and wide as the page. So, I can't scroll up & down or left & right while reviewing the email. I have tested this on Firefox, Safari, and Chrome and all 3 browsers have the same issue. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks.… (Show more)
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Ali Lamot
Hi,   I am looking for some advice/best practices for Unsubscribing with multiple Partitions. Leads are allowed to live in multiple partitions There are custom Unsubscribe Fields for each partition No Global unsubscribe option, only unsubscribing to the specific partition   During testing, the lead's Activity log was only updating in one… (Show more)
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Nimisha Garg
This page opens up in browser but not on devices such as cell phone..why?     Home Buyers Advantage Program   why?
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Lizzie Boyes
Click to view contentHi there,   I am creating a drip and nurture campaign specifically directed at C Levels/IT decision makers.   The plan is below: I will walk you through it.   The idea is to re-engage with C level contacts in our existing database - send them Email 1 and Email 2 - x2 non responder emails 2 weeks after the first email send. Then they are dropped… (Show more)
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Anita Singh
Hi there,   We are running into a really serious situation with our unsubscribe page where the form doesn't always load for people who are looking to unsubscribe. I haven't ever experienced this issue myself but I've seen numerous screenshots from others. Our unsubscribe page is a Drupal page that has a Marketo form embedded. The form is 4 years… (Show more)
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Carlos Barrera
Hello Communitty I want to ask is there a way in Marketo to easily set up a program/email blast that has an unsubscribe option, but that unsubscribe will only apply to that specific email/program? Not remove you from all communications from us? I really appreciate if somone can help me with that.
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Nick Altenburg
Hey everyone,   We sent a dynamic email yesterday (3/21/19) and everything looked good in a test, but when we actually sent the email, the copy was wrong. To try to figure out what the problem was, we looked at each dynamic section, and all were correct. I cloned the email, made it static, and searched the code for a keyword in the incorrect copy… (Show more)
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