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Anastasia Gogue
Hello everyone, we are looking for any recommendations about agencies that could help us to code awesome and creative emails. using the Marketo templates is quite difficult, there are no possibilities for exemple to delete a CTA button  etc.. Thank you in advance the Marketo community! Anastasia
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Naveen Kumar
Hi,   We have a upcoming webinar the attendees will be global(NA,Europe).   I have created single webinar registration page but i have few challenges   1) How to update phone number based on user location dynamically in the landing page (i have list of phone numbers based on location) 2) The webinar time should update dynamically on the… (Show more)
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Bryan Epstein
We are creating an email that will be full of dynamic content utilizing multiple segments. For this email, we would like for the default status to essentially hide the module completely. At this time, we can clear the content from the module, but not from the module itself.   Has anyone experienced anything similar to this or does anyone have a… (Show more)
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Pieter-Jan Beyls
We are trying to create an analytical dashboard on top of the Marketo data, but we are struggling with the program names that are retrieved via the APIs. Does someone has experience and solved the following challenge?   The program names are made available through the 'primary_attribute_value' field in the diverse activity tables. This field is… (Show more)
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James Zolinski
In order for Interesting Moments to work, does your CRM need to be synched to Marketo?
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Raul Lozano
I have to add a JS Bizible script to our LP Templates. DoI Just copy and paste it into the HTML code, or do I have to add something to the code to trigger the script?   I read somewhere that I have to add variables, or make the script a snippet? if that is the case how do I reight the variable for such a script?
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Leticia DoPrado
Hi,   I'm trying to create campaign folders within my workspaces that are the same so that there's a consistency of folder hierarchy across our different workspaces. I created the hierarchy I want in one workspace, and when I try to create the folders in a different workspace with the same name as the folders in another workspace, it tells me I… (Show more)
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Jeff Bedford
Hey All-   Just wondering if any of you have run into situations where folks who are not in a Smart List receive an email? We have a situation where a person who was not in our database, and not in the send Smart List, received an email and subsequently unsubscribed/reported an issue.   My gut feeling says maybe there is an address we are… (Show more)
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Sant Singh Rathaur
Hi There,   If someone has changed his job and wants to continue with same marketo community account, how we can do that? Is there any way?   Thanks, Sant
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Rahul Kumar
Hi All,   Can someone help me to resove the on24 integration failed and shown some text error message in lauchpoint.   Attached is the screenshot.  
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