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勝之 新保
I want to add the content of email to external databases when we sent mail to the users. So I found the way to be able to do that in smart campaigns. It is webhook. Therefore, the configuration is below.   - the trigger is to finish to have send email in smart list. - set webhook in flow, and add the content of email to external databases.  … (Show more)
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Nina Valtcheva
I'm a fan of burner fields like the ones described in Jeff's article: A Marketo field for every occasion and also try to keep a minimal amount of universal forms (1 event form, 1 whitepaper/gated asset form, 1 contact us form, etc.) instead of creating a new one for every event or gated asset.   What I haven't been able to resolve though is the… (Show more)
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Michelle Stunkard
Hello,   I've been combing through threads and haven't managed to find this scenario. I'm trying to create an embed form to replace this form: Contact M-Files for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Solutions And I've gotten this far: Is this style possible with Marketo's forms? Did I… (Show more)
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Katie DenHollander
I'm having some trouble getting correct results from the Email Performance report (and campaign performance report as well) for a select group of emails I run regularly, and I'm not sure if I've set something up incorrectly, or if the functionality I'm hoping for isn't there.   I have 7 smart campaigns that run every quarter. Each campaign is… (Show more)
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Sam Sweeney
Through a quirk in our system, we are not permitted to have extensions in the phone field. They must be broken out into a separate "Ext" field. This is an issue for many of our vendors who are unable to append their data to have this broken out into 2 different fields. We have been able to map the extension to the EXt field but now are looking for… (Show more)
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Nikki Wetzel
I have a number of contacts/accounts in Salesforce that no longer need to be synced with Marketo. All of the accounts have been updated in Salesforce and the sync has completed in Marketo but all of those individuals still appear as active "people" in Marketo. How do I remove them from Marketo so it matches up with Salesforce? They are still… (Show more)
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Jesse Gonzalez
I've created an email with an image thumbnail that will link to a video.  When I send out the sample, I can see the email just fine on my Mac.  But, some others show a duplicate image of the thumbnail:     I've done some searching on the internet and in the Marketo's support pages, but couldn't find anything other than issues with "hero" zones… (Show more)
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Karen Black
Is it possible to change a string value field to a null value in a mass update?  We are cleaning up one of our name fields and we want to make the value null.  Thank you for your feedback!
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Gally Articola
This is my first time using Velocity so apologies if it's an obvious answer. We need to populate based on multiple contains values in a single field, and have a default for anything that doesn't match but I'm not sure how best to write this out using Velocity. How would I write out this script?   If Job Function contains "programmer" "engineer"… (Show more)
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