Marketo Measure (Bizible) SFDC Reporting Resource List

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Here's a one-stop shop for all the best Marketo Measure (formerly Bizible) reporting resources!


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Marketo Measure 101 Reports Overview

Cheat sheet for understanding which stock report (the "101" reports) to use as a starting place.

Marketo Measure Reporting Guide Created by a former Marketo Measure CSM (thanks, Pierre Cirac!), this guide walks through reporting philosophy and has step-by-step instructions for report builds in Salesforce.

A Deep Dive on Touchpoints Struggling to remember what Touchpoints are and how they can be populated? Read this!
Marketo Measure Attribution Models

Breaks down the attribution weighting & when to use each model.

Peer Perspective: Marketo Measure Attribution Models with Justin Norris Short video breaking down attribution models.
Introductory Marketo Measure Reporting Video Introductory reporting video (~20 min) made by former CSMs (shout out to Graeme Truschel & Pierre Cirac).  Helpful for understanding conceptually. 
Overview of how Marketo Measure enhances Salesforce Reporting 10-minute YouTube video showing you what Marketo Measure in SFDC can look like. Made by a long-time Adobe employee (hi, Taylor Carlson) with YEARS of Marketo Measure knowledge. 
How Marketo Measure populates its multi-purpose fields   Marketo Measure has many fields that will be populated differently depending on what type of touchpoint it is (Ad Campaign Name or Medium, for example). Use this as your cheat sheet until it becomes second nature.
Getting Strategic with Marketo Measure's Ad Campaign Name Field This will be your go-to field for pulling together Touchpoint data for a Campaign that you are promoting online & offline. Make sure you know the inputs to this field and handle your naming conventions accordingly.
Marketo Measure Object and Field Taxonomy

Visual of Marketo Measure’s data structure (custom objects and fields & how they relate to SFDC's standard object/fields).

Difference Between Buyer Touchpoints and Buyer Attribution Touchpoints

Helpful for understanding the differences between BTs and BATs.

Explanation of Touchpoint Positions and Generation Across BTs and BATs

Helpful for understanding how BTs can also become BATs & what the data looks like.

Marketo Measure's Pending Touchpoint Position

You will sometimes see “Pending” on Buyer Attribution Touchpoint (BAT) reports. This defines it.

Why am I seeing PostLC Touchpoints in my CRM Reports?

You will sometimes see “PostLC” on Buyer Touchpoint reports. This defines it.

Marketing Channel, Marketing Channel FT & Marketing Channel LC

Read if confused on the differences between these fields & which to use.

Enhancing reports with the Power of 1

A cool Salesforce trick to count objects in a report (BATs or Leads for example).

Creating Custom Marketo Measure Report Types

Trying to add custom fields to a Marketo Measure report and not seeing it as an option? Follow these instructions.

Report Type for Contacts without Opps

Stock Marketo Measure reports only show records where there are associated Touchpoints. For example, a Opps report would only show Opps where there have been BATs. These instructions let you have a report that shows Opps regardless of BATs.  


Note that some of these resources apply to both Salesforce and Dynamics, but the majority are focused on Salesforce. 


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