Using the Power of 1 with Bizible SFDC Reports

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Have you heard about the Power of One? If you haven’t, you are missing out and need to give it a try! First though, the Power of One is most perfectly explained in this legendary Trailblazer post by Steve Molis so check it out too! What I want to do here though is briefly explain the field and then illustrate how this can enhance your Bizible reporting.


So, what is it? It’s basically a custom field added to a SFDC object that is populated by a workflow that sets the field value to 1. What this means for Bizible Reporting is that you can easily return the total complete number of an Object like Leads, Contacts, or Opps for example. This means that you can now visualize a whole number instead of a percentage according to an Attribution Model. 


Alternatively, you could use the Power of 1 to distinguish between the total amount of touchpoint records and/or the total amount of FTs, LCs, OCs, etc. in a given report, versus the total amount of actual Lead, Contact or Opp records.


The Power of One is commonly added to stock Bizible Reports. Here is an example of adding it to a Bizible 101 | Lead/Contacts by Channel Report. In the screenshot, the number in the green box is the number of touchpoint records in this given report while the number boxed in red is the number of unique Contact Records thanks to the Power of 1 field.



A couple of notes: 

  1. It’s not counting fields, it is a field
  2. To use this in Bizible reports, you will need to build a custom report type to be able to pull it in as a column. 
  3. Add the field to the report as a column and in the field properties, summarize it
  4. Be aware that this works in reports but doesn’t carry over to dashboards