Log Sales Insight Emails from SFDC w/ Activity Type

Log Sales Insight Emails from SFDC w/ Activity Type

Our Sales team sends emails from SFDC frequently, using the "Send Marketo Email" button. Unfortunately, this logs an activity with a blank ("-") activity type.

It would be great if these activities were automatically logged with a "Sales Email" activity type so we can have complete type data in our SFDC reports and dashboards. I've started discussions around this, but have not been able to find a solution yet.

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This is a great idea. We don't have anything on the roadmap specifically for Sales Insight - but I will see if there is something we can do to start to support this kind of tracking. I'll respond back when I get more info.


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Scott - How is your sales team handling this? Are they currently adding in another activity type? Our sales team must complete XX number of activities per week, so some do not want to use MSI since it won't count towards their "activities."



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Hey Jamie - MSI activities log correctly (we use Salesforce), they just don't have a type. So, currently we have reports that list number of activities per team member by type and know the any blank type ("-") means MSI.

If you're tracking the total number of activities per team member, you will still have an accurate total. I'm hoping we can edit activity type to clearly identify these activities as "Marketo Sales Insight Emails" so new users and people less familiar with Salesforce reports won't have to ask what "-" activities are.

Hope that helps!


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this is really related to using Custom Type on the Task flow step that isn't possible now.

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Hello,  I need to track email sends from MSI only to Sale Force. I set this up via a task and it works. It says MSI email sent. However, how do I get the email name or subject line to also sync over? Maybe to the comments?

Thank you

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