Attach a screenshot when creating a case

Attach a screenshot when creating a case

@Almost every case I submit to Marketo support requires me to attach a screenshot. However, this isn't possible until after I've already submitted a case.

Is it possible to save everyone an extra step and add the option to upload attachments while creating a case, rather than needing to submit, reopen and attach files after?

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I do this when submitting a case.  However, I send my cases via email (sent to  While they initially have this when reading the original case submission, unfortunately, the screenshot I include does not get converted into at attachment within the case on the support community.  Agree, many improvements can be made to the support portal (like creating more "case closed" options other than "my case is resolved" - which often isn't the case.  It's just that Support can't help any further and it's either "expected behavior" or something the product team must address.

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Hi Scott Daily​, we certainly love this idea and it is on our list of enhancements to make to the Marketo CaseConnector.

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