Ability to group anonymous web visits by Account or Company Name

Ability to group anonymous web visits by Account or Company Name

Since a majority B2B early stage prospects visit web sites anonymously (not filling out a form), it would be great to track these activities by Company, perhaps reverse IP address lookup that commontly identifies a corporation.

At many companies I've been with, our reps are extremely interested in knowing if people from COMPANY ABC are visiting our web site and what pages.  There's a direct correlation between multiple anonymous hits to our web site and active/pending initiative that we're being considered for.  We want to get in front of these companies or reach out to someone we have a relationship with to identify that initiative. 
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This can be done with by first identifying your target account list, then build a smart list with the criteria of "inferred company is (list of target accounts), then build sales email alerts and a smart campaign for when a lead from one of your target acounts hits the website. 

I also recommend looking into Marketo's RTP if you are interested in marketing / advertising to specifc companies.
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Hi Douglas,

Great idea, Marketo Real-Time Personalization (RTP) can help you with this idea.

RTP identifies anonymous visitors coming to your site, by their Organization Name, Industry, Location and behavior and can personalize your web and mobile site in real-time with relevant content to this visitor.

In addition, you can set up email alerts and reports for sales reps to see which organizations are visiting your website and what pages they have been looking at.
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@Douglas R in case it isn't clear from Jessica's reply, you can see the inferred company (based on, I presume, a third-party database of PTR/IPWHOIS/WHOIS guesstimates) in a standard report. When you run a Web Page Report, make sure you have `Anonymous Visitors from ISPs`  = 'shown' on the Setup tab.  Then the company will be shown in the Lead column.  You can also give it its own column by right-clicking on the table header and clicking Columns >> Inferred Column or ISP.  Then export to Excel to see all the results.

But remember there is no magic bullet.  Anyone who claims to be able to tell you what corporate network is behind any IP address is lying (I've heard this kind of hot air pitched in a meeting to Marketing folks). Consider some caveats with PTRs: [a] they are not always updated promptly with an IP's new assignment; [b] they may reflect the ISP's domain name even when there's a corporate subscriber, for example a branch office using "business DSL," and the subscriber may have no option to change it; [c] a company doesn't need to pass an IP-PTR-A loopback test for the IP address they use for web browsing (as opposed to the IP address they use to send mail) so they have no technical reason to care about the PTR; [d] when employees browse from their home machines or mobile devices on behalf of their employer -- I'm actuallly doing this right now -- you'll never know it.

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You can see this in the Company Web Activity and Web Activity Reports.
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Hi Sanford, Josh,

​I'm currently working on a new Web Activity report. I'd like to run a few ideas past you and get your input. Do you have time this week to connect (w/o: Jan 9, 2017) Please send me a few dates/times you are available. I'd appreciate that!




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