Do more with Marketo Program & Salesforce Sync

Do more with Marketo Program & Salesforce Sync

We currently fill in all of the program information (tags) under the programs in Marketo. We then also fill in all of the same information in our SFDC campaigns. Is there a chance for this information to sync over to SFDC so we only have to fill it in in one place and not both marketo and sfdc?

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Do you mean the Tags or the statuses?
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Program Tags
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yes please, we need this. Sales people on look at SFDC and therefore, we need to be able to report in SFDC using same program tags as in Marketo as defined under the tags section in Admin.

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Partly transfer but I agree that it would like to have all of it transfer not having to do it manually.

Only transfer the channel and the status.

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We also have a number of custom fields in SFDC campaigns to enhance reporting: the "marketing asset" being offered, sales sectors where the program is active, marketing campaign theme, etc. etc.

We just create the campaign in SFDC first and let it sync down to Marketo. It doesn't make any sense to create it in Marketo first, since it would just be an extra step to then go complete the SFDC campaign setup. Perhaps tokens that would populate the custom fields once the program syncs up to SFDC to create the campaign?

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