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Level 10 - Champion Alumni
Level 10 - Champion Alumni

Today, I reached Level 10, 300,000+ points on the forum.

Many of you know me because I have been active on this forum since 2012, sharing ideas and insights on using Marketo effectively to do demand generation and so much more. I am grateful so many of you found my posts helpful, whether I solved it for you or pointed you in the right direction. I've made a lot of friends here as well and learned quite a few tidbits from people like Grégoire Michel​, Sanford Whiteman​, Jeff Canada​, Adam New-Waterson, Edward Unthank (Etumos)​, and Dory Viscogliosi​.

Since becoming a Champion Alumnus (5x!) and now reaching this last milestone on the forums, I've decided to step back a bit from the Nation and focus on other aspects of Marketing Automation & Operations. I'm sure I'll still be around here and there, but much less active.

I'd like to challenge the other Champions and top experts here to step it up and share MORE of the amazing things you are making Marketo do for you. I see only the same few people everyday responding and helping and it would be a tremendous help to your fellow MOPS friends to put out new ideas into the Nation. If you've asked a lot in the past, perhaps it's time to give back. Not every question is a tongue twister for Sanford. I see a lot of new users asking questions I know can be answered by more people.

This is a small world with Marketo and Marketing Automation. Speak up, be heard, and be recognized for your hard work.



Level 9

Appreciate everything you've done (and I'm sure will continue to do) for this community, Josh!

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So well said! Thank you Josh! Personally, I learnt a ton from you!

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Same here! You have helped me a ton, and I really appreciate it! I will definitely try to handle more questions and add to discussions to compensate.  

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Congratulations on Level 10! I've learned a ton from you and the community and I try to help when the basic/intermediate issues arise that I feel I  can answer adequately. I will commit (early resolution!) to being more active in the community and raise a few levels in 2018 so I can become a better resource. Thanks again, Josh!

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Congrats, Josh! We all appreciate your Marketo knowledge and willingness to help out. Wishing you luck on future endeavors.

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Congrats Josh!

Level 10 - Champion Alumni

Thank you, Josh, for all your contributions over the years. I know they've been a big help to me.

Level 10 - Champion Alumni

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Level 10 - Champion Alumni

Congrats Josh, you are quite an inspiration to fellow Champions and Marketo users in general. Thank you for your contributions to the Community.

Congrats Josh and thanks for your contributions and very useful advices!