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Champion Spotlight: Andy Varshneya

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This week’s Champion Spotlight is Andy Varshneya. Let’s get to know Andy a little bit better!

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Company: Optimizely

Title: Senior Marketing Automation Manager

Location: San Francisco, CA

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

What was your first job? Product Marketing Associate

How and when did you get started with Marketo? What was your first role and initial reaction to the platform? My first interaction with Marketo was in my very first role.  At that time, we were only doing very basic email marketing so my understanding of the tool was limited to something similar to MailChimp.

What is your favorite thing to do in Marketo and why?  My favorite thing to do in Marketo is probably segmentation building because it allows everyone from the demand gen team to customer marketing to marketing analysts to all be more data driven and focused in our approach and better understand what's working well and what isn't.

Through out your Marketo career, what are you most proud of? I am proudest of having leveraged Marketo's API to merge Marketo, SFDC, Google Analytics, and product information to develop our own predictive lead scoring. It was very effective and allowed us to save thousands of dollars every year.

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is just starting a career with Marketo?  Invest the time in reading through all the product docs and spend at least an hour a week on the community. There are a lot of great ideas, tips, and answers in there that will not just teach you a lot but also spark new ideas that you hadn't even considered before.

What did you want to be when you grew up?  I was obsessed with flying, so I wanted to either be an Air Force pilot or an astronaut!

What is one goal you would like to achieve in your lifetime?  The one goal that I've been actively working on is to visit all 7 continents before the end of 2019. 4 down, 3 to go!

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Level 9 - Champion Alumni

Nice to "meet" you Andy Varshneya​!

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It's nice to meet you Andy . I would like to hear more about the predictive lead scoring you've developed. Have you published any details about it?

Level 4

Nice to meet you Andy! Thanks for the personal insight.I'd be interested in hearing about that predictive lead scoring as well. Did you work with a vendor and leverage their service? Or did you go homegrown?

On a separate note, I like what Marketo is doing with this "Meet the Champions" series!!

Level 9 - Champion

Nice to meet you! Definitely interested in the predictive lead scoring as well. Also, that 7 continents goal is awesome!

Level 9

Micheline Farah​, Michael Mason​, Amanda Thomas​ glad to see all the interest in the predictive lead scoring model! I'm not entirely sure what the best venue would be for a blog post outlining the process and architecture, but I'll start writing it regardless and will look for a suggestion from you all

Level 9 - Champion

I think a blog is good. This could probably even be a session @ Summit??

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A blog post would be great, thank you! I wonder if it could be posted to the Champions Blogs.

Level 5 - Champion Alumni

Andy Varshneya​ has been so helpful to me as a friend and colleague! I have thrown at him the most interesting use case challenges I've run into and he's been able to provide super insightful problem solving tactics. Andy is definitely the guy you want in the room when addressing strategic planning or if you need to improvise a quick fix. I'm super thankful I got to meet him better through Mind-Hive, Krewechats and Marketo Summit.

Level 3

I love reading the Meet the Champions series and how others are using the platform.

Level 7

Andy Varshneya​, What are the 3 continents left?