#KreweChats - Episode #9: Marketo Sales Insight

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Level 10 - Champion Alumni

Hey #MKTGNation!

On this week's episode of #KreweChats, we delved into Marketo Sales Insight with special guest (and #MKTOChamp) Emily Dick​. Emily is an absolute UNICORN when it comes to Marketo and Salesforce expertise, and we were thrilled to have her perspective on this episode of #KreweChats! More professionally speaking, Emily is a MOPs Manager at ACL, Marketo Champion, and an all around great person to chat with about all things Marketing. Also seen on this chat were #MyKrewe regulars Jenn DiMaria​, Sydney Mulligan​, and Juli James​!

As many of you are probably already aware, Marketo Sales Insight is an amazing tool that can help any organization drive towards better alignment between sales and marketing, and it does this in a few unique ways. You can dive into the full episode at the link below, but, um... This is a blog post, so we gon' expound on some shenanigans.

  • Point #1: you learn more about the Krewe's favorite fast food indulgences than you ever wanted to know. Shout out to my Louisiana folk
  • If you aren't putting MSI into a frame of reference that immediately benefits your sales team, you're doing it wrong.
  • You should also be conducting regular training for your sales team. We recommend a monthly webinar series that walks through each aspect of MSI (or quarterly, at the very least!)
  • Make it easy for your sales team to send emails through MSI, whether directly from SFDC or the Outlook Plugin (Sorry Mac users/AKA: Listen up, MKTO!)
  • Encourage your sales folks to prospect via the Anonymous web activity tab and LinkedIn Integration!

Those are the high points, but if aligning your sales and marketing organizations is something you're interested in, then this episode is for you!

*#KreweChats Episode 9: Marketo Sales Insight - YouTube

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Quick Draw McGraw or the Totally Amaze-Baller MSI training deck?

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Obviously Quick Draw McGraw. We have priorities.

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That would be great! I followed you...I think you need to follow me back before I can message you.

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Hey Joe Reitz​, I'd love to see your basic training overview too if you don't mind sharing, but I had the same problem as Amy - can't message you. Thanks in advance!

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Emily Dick Geoff Krajeski Joe Reitz (or anyone) For sending MSI emails, is there a way to trigger an interesting moment based on an open or click in an MSI? Currently we have them set up easily for marketing e-blasts out of Marketo, but we have had a hard time monitoring/tracking MSI email activity, and seeing if anyone has figured out a way to set up triggers or any kind of other tracking specifically around MSI emails sent out by our sales org. Thanks for the help in advance!

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Hi Alayna,

there is a series of triggers that enable you to do what you want:


The tricky part is that, in these triggers, emails are identified by their subject instead of by email name.


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I've always thought that was a bit weird, since sales folks can change the subject line if they feel so inclined... and they probably will.

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I'm a little late to the game on this, but in doing some research on MSI Oultook plug-in, I found this post. If you want to trigger based on a specific MSI email, instead of using the subject line as a trigger, you can pull in the ID for the email template.

Marketo - Trigger.png

You can find the 4-digit ID by selecting the specific email, and pulling it out of the URL just after "#EM".

Marketo - ID Screenshot.png

This seems to solve the issue of people changing the subject line, unless there is something I'm not thinking of Grégoire Michel​, Joe Reitz​.

Grégoire Michel