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Marketo Reporting 2.0

I actually started my career at a BI company that was doing unbelievable Marketing reporting like 10 years ago. At the time, I completely took it for granted, and now after working with hundreds of companies, realize how far the Cognos team was ahead of the curve.

Fast forward to today, and companies are pushing the reporting boundaries way further than I ever though possible. Two great examples of that are Informatica and Trend Micro.

Over the year's I have got to work with some of the most talented Marketo practitioners, but when it comes to reporting, there is no one better than Anish Jariwala. Anish used to be a principal consultant at Marketo, doing reporting and analytics for some of Marketo's largest customers. He is the master of RCA, and knows it inside out. Anish recently wrote a book on Marketing reporting, with a big focus on Marketo reporting, called 'The Marketing Data Lake'. The book is essentially a blueprint on how to become a world-class marketing reporting organization. I highly recommend the read. I will be honest, reading a book about reporting and analytics was not at the top of my reading list, but its a surprisingly light, easy read.

One of our client's, Trend Micro, read Anish's book and applied many of Anish's best practices and approaches to their own Marketing. They were able to go beyond Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics and integrate Marketo with Tableau. The reports they are now able to produce allow them to guide their Marketing decisions like never before, and the numbers are being reported up to the highest level in the organization. Brendan Farnand​ and the team at Trend Micro are now making way more informed Marketing decisions, that were simply not possible before.

So - I was thinking. Anish and Brendan have so much knowledge that the Marketo community could benefit from. I want them to share this with everyone so people can see what's possible when it comes to Marketing reporting, and how to actually do it.

We're doing a Livestream using Crowdcast on Wednesday, November 16 from 1-2pm ET / 10-11am PT. If you want to learn practical tips and best practices to improve your Marketo reporting, there is no better session. Hear from the people who have actually done it, and have the scars to prove it. Ask questions, upvote other questions you might have, and leave with a better idea of how to get those reports you've been wanting. This will not be a session with a million PowerPoint slides, it will be live and interactive and you will have a chance to participate.

We hope you'll join us. Register here: Marketo Reporting 2.0

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