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    Many of our emails are bouncing due to blacklisting of Marketo's email address

    Dan Stevens

      We employ many email best practices to ensure our deliverability is as effective as possible.  In fact, we just recently deployed Informatica’s email validation/verification service.  Just before an email went out this morning we validated every email address against this service.  We then pruned all emails with a bad/suspect status code. Yet, when we sent the email, almost 10% bounced (over 650).  After looking at a random sample of bounce reasons in the activity log, it appears our email address – or more specifically, Marketo’s mktomail.com domain – is being blacklisted with several of our contacts:



      We're even on the preferred range of IP addresses.  I've opened a ticket with Support, hoping that they'll route this to the deliverability team.  Have any of you experienced a large volume of these, and if so, did that team help un-blacklist you?