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    Removal of "Is Anonymous" filters.

    Grégoire Michel

      Hi all,


      We have been receiving today an information from Cheryl Chavez about the removal of the is Anonymous filter, as part of the release of Munchkin v2. See here for more details : Next Generation Munchkin Tracking FAQ - Marketo Docs - Product Docs


      Although this new version of the munchkin and the way the V2 will work is promising, there is one thing we will be missing, though: the ability to look at the anonymous leads, display inferred and origin informations and create an understanding of where they come from and how they arrived here.


      Also, some database providers use anonymous leads to read their IP addresses and provide in return some leads from the same IP address for retargeting. They will be in hard difficulty.


      Your thoughts ?



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          Kailey Belsher

          Hi Greg,


          I'm with you there. The removal of the "Is Anonymous" smart list filter is concerning.


          We distribute a daily report of Anonymous Web visitors from the day before, and it is widely used by our Sales and Marketing teams. It's especially great for Sales people that are looking for new accounts as we can see who the inferred company is. With this being removed, does that mean we lose the value of this report?


          Any recommendations on how we can get information about Anonymous Leads in a easy-to-use way after this change?

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            Grégoire Michel

            Hi Kailey,


            I understand the logic of not executing smart campaigns on anonymous, since the volumes can be overwhelming, especially if the volume is multiplied by 50...


            But I have the feeling that this high volume would only regard a few customers (How many companies has more than 2 Millions web page visits a day ?).


            I would pledge for keeping the filter only in smart lists that are not used in Smart campaigns :-)



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              Grégoire Michel

              And also, I have a question : does this impact API's as well ?



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                Arjun Nair

                Hi Guys,


                The Web Activity Report and the Company Web Activity report will continue to work. Within this report:


                1) The "Anonymous Visitors from ISP's" setting will still be there. You can choose "Shown" here for the report to show both known and anonymous web activity or "Hidden" to show just known web activity.




                2) If you use the Smart Lists in the Report, the "Is anonymous" filter is what will be removed.



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                  That's helpful Arjun  Thanks



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                    Kenny Elkington

                    To an extent, yes.  You will no longer be able to retrieve lead details of an anonymous lead via lead ID, since there will not be any anonymous records which have lead IDs.  Promoting a lead via the inclusion of a <marketoCookie> parameter in a syncLead call will work the same.  There will not be any changes to the way REST works since access to anonymous leads has never been permitted via REST.

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                      Courtney Grimes

                      I'm actually rather annoyed at the announcement surrounding anonymous leads. The under-utilization of anonymous leads isn't due to their lack of usefulness; it's due to a lack of awareness and the possibilities they hold.


                      Tracking anonymous records on their path to becoming known to the system is a key piece of seeing how various inbound marketing programs work—because measuring who was touched by a campaign before they later convert is vital to measuring long-term campaign influence. I've been using anonymous records in conjunction with Smart Campaigns and static lists as a way to monitor this for a while; if anything, I've been bummed that I can't do more with anonymous records in terms of comparing them to known records. When you're honing in on specific actions, it's more than just scoring or flagging an Interesting Moment.


                      This change will effectively ruin the ability to do that.

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                        Alex Stanton

                        I use the "Is Anonymous" filter on a regular basis and it helps discovering patterns, inferred data, etc. Is there a technical reason why the filter is being discontinued and would you reconsider?

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                          Josh Hill

                          I agree here. I play up this during many conversations with clients and it rarely gets done because few teams have the resources to look at RTP and other Anon to Known conversion techniques.


                          I'm concerned about a few things here because this wasn't fully explained. And I appreciate Kenny Elkington's explanation and @Arjun, but need more:


                          • What happens to smart lists and flows where Is Anonymous currently exists?
                          • Many teams were using Is Anonymous to prevent Visits Web Page from scoring Anon leads. I thought this defeated the point of scoring, but it does reduce the trigger. How is this situation handled then?
                          • Will ALL behaviors now never operate on Anonymous? That is, smart lists act only on Known records?
                          • How will RTP work? Will this Anon stuff just be hidden?
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                            Sanford Whiteman

                            I'd assume the technical reason is that it saves a huuuge amount of resources.  All other things being equal (which they're not!) if I could shed 90%+ of processing load on the front end, at the expense of a little batch catchup for those leads who become known later, I would!


                            But, like you guys, I'm concerned that many people are going to be left hanging by this move.  I have a couple of clients who habitually update anonymous leads using flows and then read out the data later.  At least in those cases there may be another technical approach because the data isn't actually needed until the lead becomes known.  In other cases, like Courtney said, the client is trying to do more with anonymous records before they become known, not less.


                            To be hopeful about it, we could say Munchkin shouldn't have been able to do any of this stuff before -- that leads weren't supposed to be "born" until they were associated and that we now have to find new practices that do everything we were trying to do.  Shall we brainstorm?

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                              Dan Stevens.

                              We, too, use this filter to analyze the anonymous activity (hitting our campaign landing pages) that's resulting from many of our paid targeting advertising efforts.  While we don't have the known lead data report on, some of the inferred data is still extremely beneficial.

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                                Grégoire Michel

                                Hi Josh,


                                The answer to your first 2 questions is in the FAQ at least partially (Next Generation Munchkin Tracking FAQ - Marketo Docs - Product Docs)

                                • Smart campaigns with "is anonymous" in the filter will fail and you will receive a notification. I gather this if for batch campaigns as well as trigger campaigns
                                • The second point will be handled differently : the scoring (and any other flow step BTW) will happen later, at the moment the lead becomes known, but with retroactive dates. I suppose this will enable these flows to run for leads that become known, thus significantly reducing server workload. BtW, a question: what if I do not want a smart campaign to work retroactively when a lead becomes known ?


                                On your 3rd point, my understanding is that yes, smart lists will only act on knows records


                                on the 4th, I do not have a clue



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                                  Grégoire Michel

                                  Hi Kenny,


                                  Suppliers that retrieve anonymous leads to get the IP address and provide some more info on this will hate you


                                  I suppose this will reinforce the interest for RTP, but also for this idea : Use RTP IP database in addition to DNS lookups to set inferred company  so that at least we can make decent use of the Web Activity Report and the Company Web Activity report.



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                                    Mike Reynolds



                                    We actually do have quite a few customers that have large volume of web page visits like this. I don't have specific numbers to quote unfortunately, but the bigger issue is scalability. As Marketo grows, and as the customer base grows as well, the needs of the servers will need to grow as well. Ideally every customer would be pulling 100 million web visits a day. In the meantime though, increasing the capabilities makes that kind of growth possible. Plus, even if your own instance isn't getting millions of web visits each day, other larger customers on the same servers could be and increasing the capabilities across the board opens up system resources across the board as well.

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