Anonymous Lead Upgrades – Release Schedule

Version 6

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    • Release Timeline
    • Customer Notifications

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    Release Timeline

         1. Winter Q1 Release – 2/3/2016 and 2/5/2016

    • The “Is Anonymous” filter in Smart Lists (Including in Reports and Smart Campaigns) will be removed for all subscriptions.
    • Customers will not see anonymous leads in Lead Grids (example: Leads tab of Smart Lists).
    • Anonymous lead detail pages will not be accessible.
    • The main chart in the Lead database home will be changed.
    • For more information on these items, please visit the Changes Inside Marketo UI documentation here.


         2. Post Winter Q1 Release – Staggered Release

    • The back end rollout of lead promotion changes (Munchkin V2) will begin. This will be a staggered rolling release over time. As these back end releases occur, that is when the lead promotion behavior, Analytics report changes and Munchkin scale/performance upgrades will occur.
    • This staggered release will take months to finish. A firm timeline is not known yet.
    • For more information on these items, please visit the Under The Hood documentation here.


    Customer Notifications

    • Email notifications will be sent to all customers notifying them of the upcoming changes.
    • Instance Notifications will be sent out through the UI to alert customers of the upcoming changes. For more information about where to locate Instance Notification, please visit the documentation here.
    • For more detailed information on what these specific notifications provide, please visit the Customer Actions documentation here.