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Lead score limit for individual and account

Does anyone have a score cap for individuals and accounts (if you do account scoring) that are truly engaged beyond becoming sales ready/opportunity? What is your limit and why? For example, a lead/contact can score up until it reaches 200 and an account can score up to 500 max. Beyond these thresholds, there is no more added scoring. The lead/contact/account is still sales ready at 100 but I'm curious at how far you let the scoring continue if something is not sent back/lost opp/cancelled account/unengaged. This is specific to people/orgs that continue to "meaningfully" engage regularly without decaying.

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Re: Lead score limit for individual and account

Even with score decaying in place this issue can occur is my experience. I do see some cases where the same content is referenced by some people over and over again, leading to a persisitent stream of scores and preventing score decay ever kicking in.

There is a balance to strike between how many times a person is allowed to attract a score for the same or similar behaviour and actually capping the score. I think it does have its merits to let the score increase uncapped, as it makes it easier to identify that handful of people with unique behaviour, so you can decide how to treat them based on analyzing their profile.

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Re: Lead score limit for individual and account

I'm a long-time (back to 2007) Marketo user and one of Eloqua's first customers. What I've found works best is NOT combining the demographic (or firmographic if you are doing account scoring) lead scores with activity scores into a single score. They are such different data types that they should be kept separate. We do lead decay on activity only., which is common.


This way I can let activity scores go as high as it needs to go, because a person can do the same thing over and over and that is okay, you just need to track it. 


The demographic score does not change very often and we need a way to judge what is good and what is not in target for us. So, we keep this score on a 100 point normalized scale. 100 Is the max you could possibly score and we reset the score anytime a job title or other data point changes, and rescore the demographic.  We just have to determine and reassess frequently, where the line falls for a lead to be marked MQL based on both scores. Usually, by consulting with our SDR and Sales team, we find the number for a demographic fit moves down, while the number for an activity score stays rather constant. Right now we're at anything above 65 on demographic and 100 on activity. But we give our team the ability to prospect into the lead database regardless of score, so we are covered if a scoring error happens.


That is a really orthogonal way of saying let them score up on activity! We've seen people with upwards of 2000 for an activity score, FYI. Insane.

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Re: Lead score limit for individual and account

We use a score cap of 100 for all behavior scoring. All behavior outside of a quote request can add up to 99, and quotes are 100. This makes it easy for our sales team to prioritize all 100s, and then work backwards. 


If a lead in disqualified or not ready yet for a quote, we reset their score to 0 and they can work their way back up as they engage with more content.