How fast IS Real-Time Personalization (RTP)

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How fast IS Real-Time Personalization (RTP)

How fast can content be personalized for users on our site if we're using the Real-Time Personaliztion product (RTP)?

The definition for a Segment, per the ?/help icon in the Segments screen: A collection of web visitors that meet the user defined criteria Learn more

Under the individual segments that are created, when Matches > 0 you can view the "visitors" that qualify for the segment --> (matched visitors).  There's a note on the Visitors page that reads, "Note: Visitor data updated within 24-48 hours"

Does this mean that it can take up to 48hours for a visitor to our website to appear in a Segment for RTP? Thus, up to 48hours for a RTP campaign to be shown to that visitor.


  1. A user visits our website and creates a profile.
  2. Said profile data is immediately available in our Marketo database.
  3. That user may not immediately appear in a Segment, as a visitor, that they qualify for, for up to 48hours? They may appear in that segment immediately, 5 min, 9 hours....up to 48 hours???
  4. THUS - If we have a RTP web campaign running on our homepage, the user would not see the campaign content immediately upon visiting our home page after completing their profile.  They would only see the campaign content once they are added as a visitor to the segment (again, anywhere within a 48hour timeframe)

Aslihan Ayan

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Re: How fast IS Real-Time Personalization (RTP)

Hi Erica,

The reference to "Note: Visitor data updated within 24-48 hours" refers only to the amount of time it may take for the data to be displayed in reporting in the Web Personalization application.

The segment matching and web campaign displays are performed in real-time (milliseconds). If you are a web visitor on the site and match a segment and a web campaign is associated to the segment, then you will see the web campaign immediately on the website.

The drill-down by the Marketo user in the platform to view the segment matches, in the case when there are a high number of matches may take time to process and show the Visitor page in the platform, but the whole idea and concept of our Web Personalization platform and our real-time processor is matching the web visitor based on the segment criteria you created and show him personalized campaign in real-time.

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Re: How fast IS Real-Time Personalization (RTP)

By your comment "reporting in the Web Personalization application" - does this mean the list of Segments and their matches within the RTP control panel can take 24-48 hours to update? (although campaigns will fire immediately)

If I am testing a web page match segment, for example, and I visit the specified web page to test, I may not see my test page visit appear as a match for 24-48 hours - is that correct?

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Re: How fast IS Real-Time Personalization (RTP)


For testing, you should in most cases see the segment match immediately and then the campaign impression. the timing we specify is when there is very large web visitor data to process and show in the visitors page which sometimes takes a bit of time to display in the interface. It does not affect in any way, the real-time processor of matching a visitor and showing them the Web Campaign, it's just a delay in the reporting shown to the marketer in extreme, high volume cases.