Community Lens: September 2023

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Welcome to the 8th edition of the Adobe Marketo Engage Community Lens! In this edition, you can check out several new Community articles on Program Optimization Reporting, writing Custom Activities with Python, Self-Service Flows Steps to solve webhook limitations, and more. While you're at it, be sure to review a new self-guided learning path for new users and watch an expert-led video on Marketo Sales Insight best practices!



  • New Course for Marketo Enage Practitioners: The first course for Marketo Engage is now available on the Adobe Experience League! Geared for new Marketo Engage practitioners, this course covers fundamental concepts such as getting familiar with the Marketo Engage UI, Smart Campaigns, building Engagement Programs, and more. Use this course discussion thread to ask any questions you might have and be sure to share it with your colleagues that are just getting started with Marketo Engage! Also, if you have any questions about the course, be sure to ask it in our dedicated Community course thread!
  • Marketo Engage New User Self-Guided Learning Path: Discover a comprehensive collection of self-guided Marketo learning resources compiled by Marketo Expert Cynthia C., which is designed to aid new users in mastering the core capabilities of Marketo Engage. These resources are thoughtfully organized by topic and skill level, ensuring you grasp the fundamentals required for your daily marketing tasks. Be sure to follow the suggested sequence for resource exploration outlined below. Happy learning and expanding your Marketo expertise!
  • Familiarize yourself with Adobe's New Program Library: Discover our new resource for Marketo Engage users - the Marketo Engage Program Reference Library. Whether you're a Marketo newbie or a seasoned pro, these vetted programs are ready to supercharge your campaigns. Learn how to import and customize these programs to fit your needs. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your marketing game!
  • Marketo Community Coffee Break – Engagement Map: In our next Q&A Coffee Break on the Marketing Nation, we will be focusing on Marketo’s hottest new feature – Engagement Map! Use this Q&A session to ask our employee and customer experts anything you’d like about how this new feature works, how to adopt it into your workstreams, and much more! Be sure to RSVP for a calendar event download and email reminders!


In This Edition

  • How to Write Custom Activities with the API: Learn how to write custom activities in Marketo with Python! Marketo Engage Champion Corey Bayless provides step-by-step instructions and resources, making it easy for you to enhance your lead records.
  • Best Practices for Program Reporting Optimization: Learn how to get the most of
  • Marketo Engage program and attribution reporting. In this article, Cynthia covers 3 guiding principles to ensure that you’re providing the necessary data for the Performance Insight dashboard/RCE to work properly and provide meaningful insights.
  • Marketo and Mochas - MSI Best Practices: Looking to get the most out of Marketo Sales Insights (MSI)? Watch our on-demand webinar with Cynthia Chang, Adobe's Marketing Automation Business Advisor, and James Leedom, Marketo Customer Technical Advisor, to maximize MSI's potential and best practices. They'll cover features like Interesting Moments and Best Bets, Salesforce integration, license management, and operational efficiency tips. Don’t forget to review the Q&A session that occurs at the end of the video!
  • Demistifying the Marketo Engagement Map: Join Michelle May and Akande Davis as they lead this virtual session on September 14th, from 1:00 – 2:00 PM PST. Learn what Engagement Map is, its benefits, and how to use it for effective marketing strategies, whether you're new or experienced in Marketo Engage. RSVP now to this event for email reminders!



In Case You Missed It

  • Marketo (Measure) and Mochas - Online vs. Offline Channels: In this edition of Marketo [Measure] & Mochas, join us as we delve into the realm of Online vs. Offline channels with Adobe Business Advisors, Kate Colbert and Elizabeth Lundberg. Over this 90-minute session, Kate and Liz will guide you through the intricate landscape of Marketo Measure Attribution. This session serves as a practical guide to master the art of Online and Offline channel management, offering insights into their seamless integration and optimal utilization.
  • Self-Service Flows Steps to Solve 5 Webhook Limitations: Uncover the potential of Marketo's Self-Service Flow Steps in this article by Josh! Learn about what this underutilized feature is all about and how they solve the 5 major limitations of webhooks. Explore more in the full article and elevate your marketing strategies.
  • My Marketo Morning Routine – Tips for Driving Marketing Operation Efficiency: An oldie but goodie! Read Champion Amy Goldfine’s extremely popular article on how you can stay on top of your Marketo Engage instance's health with a morning routine designed to keep things running smoothly. Deep dive into best practices that include checking notifications for issues like CRM sync failures and API errors, reviewing your campaign queue to ensure efficient processing and load balancing strategies, assessing key integration areas in the admin section, and much more! By following these steps, you can maintain the efficiency and reliability of your Marketo Engage instance.
  • Don’t forget about Program Membership, Success, and Acquisition Program: Learn the keys to maximizing your reporting potential with Marketo Engage in Kate C.’s recent blog. Ensure accurate insights by defining your Program Membership, Program Success, and Acquisition Program values. Discover the significance of each and why setting these values are crucial for comprehensive reporting, influencing Program Performance, Multi-touch attribution, and more. Check out the post to supercharge your Marketo Engage reporting!
  • Five Steps to Optimize your Marketo Performance Insight: Discover the key steps to maximize your reporting potential with Marketo's Performance Insights Dashboard! Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just diving into the world of Marketo, these five simple yet powerful strategies will enhance your reporting game. Learn how to optimize program performance, create impactful reports, set up attribution settings for analytics, and choose the right analytic behavior for your program channels. With expert tips and real-world insights, you'll be ready to explore the Engagement, Pipeline, and Revenue dashboards, uncovering actionable insights for your marketing success.
  • Adobe Marketo Champion Deep Dive – APIs: Join us to unlock Adobe Marketo's API potential for marketing automation. Learn baseline connections, extensions, API calls, and distinctions between webhooks and API. Master data security, cloud integration, storage leverage, and the bulk API.


Can you Answer This?


  • Sales Insight Actions - all records in Marketo: This user is asking if all leads entered into Salesforce have to also be in Marketo for Sales to send Sales emails in Salesforce.
  • Integration Salesforce Data Cloud with Marketo: This user is looking to implement Salesforce CDP (MC-Data Cloud for Marketing), and is trying to understand what it will take to integrate Data Cloud with Marketo. Any insight from those familiar with using these tools is welcomed!
  • Sales Insight Watchlist: This member is looking to write a list of all people that have been added to the MSI watchlist.

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