Marketo New User Self-Guided Learning Path

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

As a consultant working with new Marketo customers, I often hear people asking where to start with Marketo for a self-learning path, especially given the overwhelming number of resources online. As a self-taught Marketo customer in my past life, I hear you!


The following is a collection of self-guided Marketo learning resources organized by topic and level to provide new Marketo users the essential understanding of Marketo’s core capabilities to help you execute your daily marketing operations. All topics covered are out of box features only and complement the objective of Core Concept I learning course.


The content consists of a mix of videos which I find helpful to provide overview/introduction in the topic area, product docs that explains technically how specific feature is expected to work, as well as blogs from champions and experts offerings tips & tricks for use cases within the topic.


For new Marketo users I recommend going through the resources based on the sequence outlined below to further build your Marketo knowledge. Happy Learning!


Marketo Core Concept

Know the Basics

Advanced Learning

Marketo Overview

·  Marketing Automation with Marketo (Video, 11 min watch)

·  Engagement Platform (Video, 8 min watch)

·   Understanding Marketo Programs and Smart Campaigns (Video, 6 min watch)

Database and Person management 

·  Marketo Database (Video, 6 min watch)

·  Using the Person Detail Page (Doc, 2 min read)

·  Create a Person Manually (Doc, 1 min read)

·  Import a List of People (Doc, 5 min read)

·   How do people records get created in Marketo (Blog, 8 min read)

·   Buyer personas (Video, 5 min watch)

·   Find and Merge Duplicate People (Doc, 2 min read)

·   How to Clean Your Marketo Database (Blog, 8 min read)

Precision Targeting with Smart List

·  Understanding Smart Lists (Doc, 2 min read)

·  Use Built-in/System Smart Lists (Doc, 3 min read)

·  Create a Smart List (Doc, 2 min read)

·  Find and Add Filters to a Smart List (Doc, 2 min read)

·   Define Smart List Filters (Doc, 2 min read)

·   Smart Lists 101: A Deep Dive into one of the most important Adobe Marketo Engage Features (Blog, 5 min read)

Automation with Smart Campaign

·  The Power of a Smart Campaign (Video, 58 min watch)

·  Understanding Batch and Trigger Smart Campaigns (Doc, 3 min read)

·   Appending Data to a Person Field via Flow Steps (Doc, 1 min read)

Email Marketing Essentials 

·  Scheduled email (Video, 6 min watch)

·  Scheduled email walk-through (Video, 10 min watch)

·  Triggered email (Video, 3 min watch)

·  Triggered email walk-through (Video, 10 min watch)

·  A/B Testing (Video, 7 min watch)

·  A/B testing walk-through (Video, 7 min watch)

·  Personalized newsletter (Video, 6 min watch)

·  Personalized newsletter walk-through (Video, 14 min watch)

·   Filtering email bot activities - Setup (Video, 3 min) 

·   Scalability and Efficiency Using Tokens In Marketo Engage (Video, 49 min) 

·   Using Tokens for personalization (Doc, 5 min read)

·   My Tokens in a program (Doc, 4 min read)

·   Marketo Success Series: Emails (Blog, 4 min read)

·   Marketo Success Series: Email Programs (Blog, 5 min read)

·   Marketo Success Series: Email Templates (Blog, 5 min read)

·   Making the Most out of Your Marketo A/B Test: The Statistics you Need to Know (Blog, 4 min read)

Marketing Program Management

·  Creating Programs within Marketo Engage (Video, 48 min watch)

·  Understanding Programs (Doc, 1 min read)

·  Understanding Program Membership (Doc, 2 min read)

·  Don’t forget about Program Membership, Success, and Acquisition Program (Blog, 4 min read)

·  Best Practices: Program Reporting Optimization (Blog, 3 min read)

·   Marketo Success Series: Programs (Blog, 8 min read)

·   Setting Acquisition Best Practices (Blog, 2 min read)

·   Understanding Tags (Doc, 2 min read)

·   Create a Program Channel (Doc, 5 min read)

·   Understanding Period Costs (Doc, 3 min read)

·   Using Period Costs in a Program (Doc, 3 min read)

Event Management

·  Webinars (Video, 6 min watch)

·  Webinars walk-through (Video, 11 min watch)

·  Events (Video, 8 min watch)

·  Events walk-through (Video, 9 min watch)

·   Understanding Event Programs (Doc, 1 min read)

·   LaunchPoint Event Partners (Doc, 1 min read)

·   Interactive Webinars Overview (Doc, 1 min read)

Gated Content

·  Gated Content Offer (Video, 6 min watch)

·  Gated content offer walk-through (Video, 12 min watch)

·  Landing Pages (Video, 7 min watch)

·  Landing pages walk-through (Video, 6 min watch)

·  Forms (Video, 6 min watch)

·  Forms walk-through (Video, 10 min watch)

·  Marketo Success Series: Forms (Blog, 5 min read)

·  Create a Form (Doc, 2 min read)

·   Marketo Master Class: Forms and Gated Content with Juli James (Blog, 5 min read)

·   Landing Page with a Form (Doc, 6 min read)

·   Configure Progressive Profiling (Doc, 4 min read)

Nurture 101

·  Lead nurturing (Video, 6 min watch)

·  Nurture 101 - Utilizing Engagement Programs (Video, 43 min watch)

·   Marketo Success Series: Engagement Programs (Blog, 6 min read)

·   Understanding Engagement Programs (Doc, 5 min read)


·   Reporting within Marketo Engage (Video, 38 min watch)

·   Report Type Overview (Doc, 3 min read)

·   Email Insights Overview (Doc, 2 min read)

·   Marketo Performance Insight Overview (Webinar, 27 min watch)

·   Five Steps to optimize your Marketo Performance Insight (Blog, 3 min read)

·   Marketo Success Series: Reporting (Blog, 8 min read)

·   Reporting for the C-Suite: Own a seat at the table with 5 key Marketo Engage reports (Video, 61 min watch)

·   Measuring ROI for your unique business needs (Video, 41 min watch)

Lead Scoring/Lifecycle Management

·  Lead Scoring (Video, 9 min watch)

·  Lead scoring walk-through (Video, 11 min watch)

·  Simple Scoring (Doc, 5 min read)

·  Lead Lifecycle (Video, 7 min watch)

·  Lead lifecycle walk-through (Video, 12 min watch)

·   Marketo Success Series: Lead Scoring (Blog, 8 min read)

·   Lead Scoring Overview & Demo (Webinar, 59 min watch)

·   The A-Z of Getting Started with Lead Scoring (Webinar, 45 min watch)

·   Lifecycle Modeling & Demo (Webinar, 59 min watch)