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Introducing the New Adobe Marketo Engage Program Reference Library

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Announcing a brand-new resource for Adobe Marketo Engage Customers called the Marketo Engage Program Reference Library developed by Adobe Product team in conjunction with Adobe Professional Services. The Marketo Program Reference Library is an update to the Marketo Program Library from which you may have been familiar with prior.


Whether you are just starting out in Marketo, a seasoned Marketo Engage Expert or a MOPs team manager, the Marketo Engage Program Reference Library provides you with a wealth of starter programs you can import into your Marketo instance to kickstart building programs to support your team.


The library includes a variety of starter programs such as email, engagement, event, and operational programs that have been vetted by our global Adobe Professional Services team as great resources to our customers that can be customized to suit your business needs.


To Import a Program:

  • Login to your Marketo Engage instance
  • Click Marketing Activities
  • Select New and Import Program
  • Select Subscription: Marketo Program Library
  • Select the Program of your choice (pay special attention to the description to make sure it is the program that suits your needs and if there are any pre-requisite fields)
  • Choose your campaign folder you would like your program to live inside
  • Use the default conflict rules to import all program tags, landing page templates, images and email templates as is
  • Click Import

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These programs are a great jumping off point to get you started. If you need further strategy assistance or help customizing any program, Adobe Professional Services can help! Visit Adobe Professional Services for more information or contact your account team.


To learn more about the Marketo Engage Program Reference Library, along with documentation, contents and best practices for each program available to import, visit Adobe Experience League.