What Happens to Leads in Wait Steps in Trigger Flow When the Campaign Is Deactivated


You have a trigger campaign with various flow steps, including wait steps, and deactivate the trigger campaign. However, you notice that Marketo leads/people continue to work their way through your campaign and aren't sure why.




Deactivating a trigger campaign stops new acquisitions. It will not completely shut down your trigger campaign.

Example: There is a VIP event where security has a special list of people to let in. The host decides to no longer allow any more people into the event, so security stops admitting new people. The event inside is still going on, so you will need to also do something about that if you wish to close it down.

To stop people from continuing through the campaign flow steps, you have 2 options:

  • Remove people from flow steps. (Recommended option)
    Note: You may want to add that flow step after every flow step, to target all areas where people may still be in and processing.
  • Delete all flow steps. As people complete any flow step, they will no longer have a next option.