How does Marketo respond to blocklisting and spam notifications?

We manage our network to provide our customers with the highest server availability and best deliverability possible.  Marketo Engage has a strong anti-spam policy and a team that handles blocklist notifications in our IP space and spam complaints.  We also cooperate with most major anti-spam providers and ISPs.  In addition, we maintain feedback loops for many of the most popular email providers.  For more information on feedback loops and ISPs with whom we have this arrangement, click here.

Blocklistings are usually caused by sending mail to a spam trap email address.  For an explanation on what causes blocklisting, click here.

When we receive notification of a blocklisting, we react in two ways.  First, we go through the procedures to remove the listing from that blocklist as soon as possible.  Second, we determine (if possible) which of our customers caused the blocklisting and work with them to improve their mailing lists to prevent a reoccurrence in the future.  This is usually a cooperative process, most frequently, a review of mailing policies and strategic pruning of a customer’s lead database will return them to best practices.


Blocklists: Frequently Asked Questions


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