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Issue Lead conversion/qualification through workflows in Microsoft Dynamics CRM resulting to duplicates (i.e. Lead and Contact) in Marketo Environment Microsoft Dynamics CRM Lead conversion Sync Solution While lead qualification through workflows is currently not supported, one approach that we saw implemented by a customer that did not result in duplicates is by redeveloping the lead qualification workflow using the msdyncrmWorkflowTools ( QualifyLead step. Dynamics-365-Workflow-Tools/Qualify at master · demianrasko/Dynamics-365-Workflow-Tools This was verified to result in no duplicates as the workflow writes the "Create [Qualify Lead]' operation type to the Marketo Log which is like the standard qualify button. Should there be any further assistance needed in developing the lead conversion workflow, it's recommended to engage with our Professional Services / Consulting team Root Cause Marketo's integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM currently does not support custom qualify workflows.
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