If you have submitted a support case and you feel that the case was improperly handled or that the solution being offered does not meet the communicated Marketo support expectations, then we would welcome the opportunity to look deeper at your specific support engagement and work with you on delivering a better resolution.


If the item you're looking to escalate is related to a Production Down incident, please call the support line for your region to receive immediate assistance. Support Manager escalations are only handled during normal business hours. The phone numbers for each region are listed below, follow the prompts for P1:

Americas: +1.877.270.6586, Direct: +1.650.376.2303

Europe, Middle East, & Africa: +353 (0)1 242 3030, 
UK: 0800 151 3030

Asia Pacific: +61 2 8031 8188

Japan: +81.03.4233.9014

How to Escalate:
Option 1:
Step 1.
Navigate to the "Case Management" area of the support portal either by mousing over the Support tab and selecting "Case Management" or clicking the Support tab and click on the “My Case Management” button. NOTE: You will need an open or recently closed case in order to escalate to support leadership.


Step 2.
From here you will need to click on either an open or a recently closed* case:


*Support Cases that have been closed for longer than 10 days are no longer eligible to be re-opened and we ask that you open a new support ticket for your current issue prior to escalating to a Support Manager. We ask that you have an open support ticket for a Support Manager to be able to address specific issues.

Step 3.
After selecting a case, click on the Escalate to Manager button:


Step 4.
A pop up will display and you will need to the purpose for the escalation and click on the “Escalate” button.


Once your support escalation case has been submitted a Marketo Support Manager will contact you within 1 business day of your support region's support hours to address the issue.

Option 2:
You can email supportescalations@marketo.com to escalate your issues to our support management team. NOTE: Be sure to include your currently open Support Case number and the details of your escalation. This will help to ensure that a Support Manager can quickly identify the case tied to your escalation and follow up with you.

Before you send an email to supportescalations@marketo.com you must have a current active support case closed support case that has been closed or is pending.  Support Escalations are focused on the handling of current or recent cases.  Brand new technical support issues that are sent to Support Escalations will be re-routed to our general case flow.