Using Random Sample to Simulate an A/B Test in a Batch Smart Campaign


You would like to run an A/B batch test on an email using Random Sample, rather than using the Email Program A/B test to do it.


Random Sample can only be used in flow steps, not in the Smart List, so you will need to go through a few steps to create your manual A/B test.

First you will need to divide your audience into two static lists, one for the test send and one for the winner send.

  1. Create two Static Lists, one for your test audience and one for your winner audience
  2. Use a Smart Campaign with an Add to List flow step and a Choice with a Random Sample criteria to divide your leads into the test and winner lists

Define Audiences AB.PNG

Next you will need to set up the Smart Campaign to send the test emails.

  1. Use Member of List for the Smart List, specifying the list with the test audience you just created
  2. Use the Send Email flow step with a Choice and a Random Sample to send the emails you are testing to your test group. Remember that the final slice of your test group goes in the default choice.

Send Test Smart List.PNG

Send Test Flow.PNG

Create an report to evaluate the performance of the test emails and send the email you choose to the leads on the static list you created for the winner.