Use a My Token to Create a Tracked Link in an Email

You’ve seen the article on how to Add Tokens to an Email Link, but now you want to use a My Token with a URL value, and add that token to a tracked link in an email. This solution will help you accomplish your goal.


When an email is compiled, Marketo wraps lead-specific tracking information around all links, so when a lead clicks the link, we capture that activity for smart lists and reporting. There are times when simply adding the explicit link using the hyperlink option in the WYSIWYG editor isn’t enough, and instead you wish to put the URL value into a program’s My Token, so you can swap out the link in one place if needed. To make sure your resulting link is wrapped in the lead’s tracking information, you will first need to create your My Token at the program level, without including http:// or https://.




Next, you will edit your email, and open the WYSIWYG editor for the section containing the text or image to which you wish to add your token link. Select the text or image, then click the hyperlink option and use the following format to reference your token in the URL field: http://{{my.LinkToBeClicked}}. If your link is secure, you can use https://{{my.LinkToBeClicked}} instead.




Click Apply, then save the section, and approve your email. That’s it! Now, when your email is compiled and sent to leads, the system will know to wrap your token-in-link with tracking information, to gather Clicked Link in Email activities. Congratulations!