Unusual Microsoft Dynamics Error Codes


Marketo’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics (MSD) provides an Error Log where error messages are recorded. Most of these error codes can be easily understood, but sometimes unusual numeric codes will come up that make no sense.

For example, one Dynamics error that could be displayed is “ -2147220891”

The problem is that there is no reference for what this error means. Searching for the errors in Google returns no results. The reason is because that’s not actually the error. MSD, in this scenario, is showing us the Decimal value for a Hex error code.


Issue Resolution

There are two parts to this: finding the error logs, and decoding the unusual messages.


Locating the MSD Error Logs

1. Click on the down arrow on the Sales button in the ribbon along the top.


Sales menu.png


2. Click on the Settings Tile


Settings tile.png



3. Click “Marketo Error Log” under the Extensions section.


MKTO Error Log.png



Talk to MSD Admin if eror log is not there.PNG



When you open up an individual error message like the one below, you’ll see general information about the error that was caused. Some error messages are easy to decipher, whereas others will need to be looked up, on the Microsoft site or on Google.


Pasted image at 2017_10_02 09_50 AM.png



Error messages like these are comparatively easy to track down. However, if the message is unusual, giving only a string of numbers like “ -2147220891”, Google searches will not give any results. As mentioned, the reason is because that’s not actually the error. MSD is showing us the Decimal value for a Hex error code.



Decoding the Error Message

You can use the Windows Calculator to convert the error message to something that is identifiable.


1. Open Windows Calculator


2. Change the view to Programmer:


Dynamics error.png



3. Enter the Decimal version of the error code “-2147220891”


Dynamics error 2.png



4. Change the Calculator setting to Hex:


Dynamics error 3.png



If you do not use Windows or want another alternative, you can find a Decimal to Hexadecimal Converter on many different websites.


The code that is returned is “FFFFFFFF80040265”. To use this code, remove the F’s. Everything after the F’s is the actual error code that you can search for; 80040265.


Microsoft’s Web Service Error Codes page lists this code as well as many others. This code is defined as “80040265 ISV code aborted the operation. IDS_ISV_ABORTED”. Now, this may not tell you much yet (what’s IDS_ISV and why was it aborted?). However, this finally gives you the error in Microsoft’s own language, so when you Google it or search the Microsoft site, you’ll find documentation and Community posts telling you how to resolve the issue.


“This generic error commonly occurs if you try to update a record that does not exist from a workflow firing on a related record.”