Having sync troubles with SFDC?  Try this quick checklist to see if it solves your problems.

How can I tell if there's a sync problem with Salesforce?

Symptoms of a broken SFDC sync include:

  • Your information hasn't sync'd in the last few hours (and this isn't your first sync)
  • "Sync lead with Sales" isn't working
  • Checked activity history items or SFDC Tasks aren't being sent to SFDC

Before you go any further, go to the Salesforce section of the Admin page and look at the Last Synced time:

If it's been more than an hour, try these steps.

  • Enter your SFDC username, password, and token

  • Log into Marketo and go to the Salesforce section of the Admin tab.  Look at the account that's syncing to Salesforce.
  • Are the credentials blank?  If so, take a minute to set up your Salesforce sync.

Setting up Salesforce.com Integration


Did you recently make large changes in your Salesforce database such as adding custom fields or changing many field values?  Large changes to your SFDC database may take longer than usual to sync into Marketo.

Check if SFDC sync is enabled

Is sync enabled?  If it's disabled, the button says "Enable Sync."  Click the button to enable sync.

Otherwise, the button reads "Disable Sync."  You can leave the button alone if this is the case.

Check your SFDC username, password, and token

Did you change your SFDC password recently?  Or did you reset your SFDC security token?  If so, click the Edit Credentials button and enter the new information.

Remember that if your password changes, your security token changes as well; you'll need to update both at the same time.


Is the SFDC account active?

Go to the Users section of your Salesforce.com account.  Open the SFDC Setup section.

Open the account you're using for sync (Administration -> Manage Users -> Users, then click "Edit" for the account used for sync).  Is the account active?  If not, enable the box and click "save", then wait a few minutes to see if sync resumes.

SFDC permissions

Does the account have the correct permissions?  When you edited the user's record, the Profile is right above the Active flag.

Open the profile for that account (Administration -> Manage Users -> Profiles) and edit the profile for the sync account.  Scroll down the page to the "Administrative Permissions" section.

Check this article to see what object and administrative permissions are required for Marketo to access your SFDC account successfully:

Required Profile Permissions in Salesforce for Marketo Sync

Trusted IP addresses

Does your company have any IP address restrictions on your SFDC account (blocked or trusted IPs)?  If you use Trusted IP addresses, Salesforce will send you an authorization email to confirm that Marketo is legitimately accessing Salesforce.  Follow those instructions and you'll be allowed to use the API with that account.

Login Hours

Do you have login hours set for the sync user's profile?  View the profile (as opposed to "edit" above) and scroll down to the Login Hours section.

If you have login hours set, unset them by clicking "Edit", then click "clear all times" and finally click "Save".

If none of these steps solves your Salesforce.com sync problems, call Marketo Support and we'll help you resolve the problem.

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