Triggering Off SFDC Custom Object Updates


You have created a SFDC Custom Object and synced it to Marketo, and you notice that there are no options to trigger from updates to these SFDC custom objects.





Our suggested workaround for being able to trigger off updates to SFDC Custom Objects is to actually create a Marketo Custom Object, and use a SFDC Workflow to copy the data from the SFDC Custom Object to the Marketo Custom Object with REST API.

Using this SDFC Documentation,

This reviews how to create a workflow to send SDFC data to Marketo.

Here is the documentation regarding Marketo API


If you create a SFDC Custom Object, and then build a workflow to copy that object data to a Marketo Custom Object, then you would be able to trigger off the updates to the Marketo Custom Object.

Who This Solution Applies To
Clients with SFDC and Marketo Custom Objects