Technical Tip - Set up DMARC Verified Domains in a Few Easy Steps

DMARC can be supported through DKIM alignment OR SPF alignment.


  • For DMARC verified by DKIM alignment
    • Set up DKIM for the domain used in the From Address.


  • For DMARC verified by SPF alignment
    • This requires that the SMTP Mail From or bounce addresses used by Marketo's servers when sending the email be aligned with the From Address the recipient sees in the email envelope.  To put this alignment in place:
      • Set up a branded SMTP Mail From (also known as bounce domain, envelope_from, Return Path).  To put this in place there are the following options:
        • Send from a dedicated IP through Marketo, contact your salesperson or CSM to set this up.
        • Send from a Trusted Marketo IP by applying here.  Branding is offered for free to customers sending from Marketo's Trusted IPs.  Once approved for this program reach out to Support to ask for the additional domain branding.
          • Trusted IPs: A shared pool of IPs reserved for lower volume customers who can not qualify for a dedicated IP.  These customers must also meet best practice requirements as well.
        • Purchase one-off domain branding if sending from a Shared Marketo IP, contact your salesperson or CSM to set this up.



Do you wonder what DMARC is? Review this What is DMARC?.