No-Draft Snippet Limitations and Troubleshooting

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No-Draft for Snippets allows you to distribute snippet changes without drafting approved assets using it. All assets using the edited snippet get the updates and maintain their respective status:

  • Approved assets get the snippet updates and stay approved
  • Drafts get the snippet updates and stay in draft mode

No-Draft is automatically enabled for all Administrator roles. An admin can then enable this feature for any additional role.

While No-Draft Snippets are very useful, they do have some limitations and issues that tend to arise. This article will show you what those limitations are and how to troubleshoot issues that can come up.



This feature is designed to save time with the snippet approval workflow. There are a few limitations to be aware of:

  • No-Draft will not work if you replace one segmentation with another one in the same snippet. However, No-Draft will work if you change, add, or delete a segment within a segmentation that is referenced in the snippet
  • No-Draft will not work if you add/remove a segmentation to a previously approved snippet
    • By design, No-Draft will fail if you make a dynamic snippet static, or a static snippet dynamic. If your use case requires this scenario, then we recommend you create a new snippet to be used across your assets. If you must update the existing snippet, then you will need to approve it using the Create Draft option, then re-approve the assets using the snippet (in other words, the old behavior)
  • No-Draft does not auto-approve drafts
  • Users without the No-Draft permission can still approve a snippet, however it will generate drafts of approved assets
  • No-Draft works only when approving one snippet at a time
  • Assets using the snippet are locked for approval until No-Draft is done processing
  • Snippet updates made to approved assets cannot be rolled back
  • No-Draft applies only to snippets


Error Handling and Troubleshooting

If something goes wrong, an error message is delivered to the Notification section of Marketo. You can subscribe to this notification and receive email alerts in their inbox. Users must subscribe to No-Draft in each workspace with the permission enabled.


If an error does occur, chances are that the update process was not completed. Some assets may have the updated snippet content and others may not.


To resolve, redraft the snippet and re-approve.

1. Select the snippet and click Edit Draft.

2. Make a small edit in the snippet editor to create a draft (such as pressing the keyboard’s spacebar).

3. Click Approve Snippet.

4. In the dialog box, select Update all to start over.


This should fix the issue. Contact Marketo Support if the problem persists.