Google AdWords - Setting Up Custom Columns

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A custom column in Google AdWords allows you to assign a specific conversion type or types to a unique column for reporting purposes. Below, we will describe the steps of creating a custom column in your Google Adwords account. For more information about remarketing through Google AdWords, check out our Product docs here: Personalized Remarketing in Google - Marketo Docs - Product Docs



Adwords Setup

In Marketo, we connect to Adwords through a Launchpoint service, and when it’s set up it just grabs whatever Adwords session is connected at the time the service is created:


This can cause problems if you’re logged into the “wrong” AdWords account when you set up the Marketo connector. To make sure you’re absolutely connecting the correct installation, clear your cache and cookies, close any Adwords tab and re-log into the Adwords account you want to connect to Marketo. Then set up the Launchpoint connector in a new tab.




Setting up a Revenue Model

In our analytics section, we now set up a revenue model with stages and assign each stage an Adwords Conversion.




Each of the Conversions you assign to AdWords here would need to be set up as separate custom columns in AdWords if you want to see the detail on each one. The columns will then display a numeric value for how many records qualify for each Conversion. You could certainly group them together as well if you have similar Stages/Conversions.




Creating Custom Columns

To set up the custom columns, sign in to your Adwords account, then select Columns -> Modify Columns -> Campaign #1 -> Custom Columns:




In the Custom Columns panel, pick “Add Column,” under “Select a Metric” pick “Conversions” and “Conversions” again. This will add conversions to your selection screen.




Note - Adwords conversion stats.PNG


When you create a custom column, you will see all the conversion names that you set up in Marketo and they will be attached to revenue stages!



You will need to determine which Conversions you want to report as columns and set up a custom column for each one. As an example, we will set up one column for each of the Conversions.



Once all your columns are created, click “Add all columns” to add them to your view and sort them as you’d like by clicking and dragging.07.png


Check the box at the bottom and give your view a name so you don’t have to re-create it again:



In the new view, you will have one column for each conversion that you set up, named however you named it.

The conversion data will be the number of leads meeting each stage in Marketo or Conversion in AdWords. Multi-touch attribution may deliver fractions of records so it’s possible to see .5 or .33 in addition to whole numbers.09.png



Note - Adwords conversion date.PNG