Customize your RTP email reports using Google Analytics

RTP's Google Analytics (GA) integration is a very powerful tool that allows you to analyze your website performance using B2B dimensions and focus your reports on the audiences that matter most.


This integration also allows you sync this data with retargeting tools (AdWords and Facebook ads) to focus your outbound campaigns on these visitors that you really want to drive back to your website.


But what about your sales team? How do they get into this game?


In the segment editor you have the checkbox: "Send segment to web analytics".


Once it's enabled whenever a visitor matches the segment an event will be sent to GA and show up under RTP-Segments:



Once you have this data in GA you can follow the instructions below to build cool dashboard and report and show all the RTP data:

Custom RTP Reports in Google Universal Analytics

Custom RTP Dashboards in Google Universal Analytics


For your sales teams you can use this B2B data to create custom email reports that include list of organizations that match some criteria.

A few examples:

  • Visitors from specific industries
  • Visitors from specific group (Fortune 500 / 1,000)
  • Visitors from specific Category (Enterprise / SMB)
  • Visitors from specific ABM (Named Accounts) list


You can even combine the RTP data with standard GA data: Visitors from Fortune 500 companies in EMEA.



In this example I'm creating a report that include visitors from Financial Services companies in the US.


1. Go to 'Customization' and click '+New Custom Report'


     Select your metric (in this case, only sessions / number of visits)

     Set your Dimension Drilldown, recommended to have RTP-Organization

     Set your filter


3. Click 'Save'





These can be sent to you on a daily/weekly/monthly basis by following the instructions on.

In the report click 'Email', set your recipients, subject, attachment type and frequency and click 'Send':




Yanir Calisar