CORS Policy Error for form submission occurring intermittently  


1) Confirm there is only one form embedded on the page. 

2) Create a blank landing page on the same domain as the page with the issue

3) Embed your form using the exact code provided by Marketo

4) Confirm whether the error occurs on the blank page with the Market embedded code

5) If you are still experiencing CORS Errors after conducting this testing, then create a support ticket with the following details:
-The form
-The test landing page you used
-The domain that you are experiencing issues with
-Screenshots of the error received


Root Cause

If you have customized the embedded code, Marketo Support is not able to troubleshoot custom code.

Multiple embedded forms on a single page can cause the forms to not work incorrectly.

Multiple forms embedded with different domains may require your IT team to make sure resources are requested correctly from one domain to another.


Marketo form embedded on a non-Marketo webpage

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