Capturing the SAML Assertion/Response for Troubleshooting Issues with Single Sign On (SSO)


You are having issues with Single Sign On and Support requests for you to provide the SAML Response. How can you find this information?


There are multiple ways to capture a SAML Response, but the easiest one is by using SAML Tracer (, a Firefox plug-in or other similar plug-ins or add-ons for Chrome such as SAML Chrome Panel ( which adds a SAML tab to the built-in Developer Tools. As with any third-party integration, make sure you're comfortable with the permissions they request and you fully trust them before you proceed. Many teams also use networking tools like Fiddler - these should also work just fine.

Once you or the user having the log-in issues have one of these tools installed, you'll need to attempt to login via SSO on the appropriate browser and the plug-in/add-on will capture the SAML response. The result should look similar to XML with many references to saml in the tags.



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