Turn Product Docs into a Wiki moderated by Champs / Marketo Folks

Turn Product Docs into a Wiki moderated by Champs / Marketo Folks

the product docs are extremely sparse on content and often lack contextual information.  What about turning them more into a Wiki and letting the community add in information that would also be useful?

Or, if you don't want to do that, how about a Marketo wiki?

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I agree and like this idea but it would need to be moderated somehow or to have rules so that only appropriately qualified people can contribute.

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Wholeheartedly agree! When I implemented earlier this year I asked my consultant about the screenshots from the SFDC connetion instructions - they were from SFDC 9! Not to mention some steps and tips were missing which caused delays on our end. They weren't updated despite my team's insistence that they should be. I can imagine that every new customer with a SFDC connection discovers the deficiencies, most request that the docs be updated and they could be fixed but aren't.

We would happily contribute to a wiki and provide accurate, up to date screenshots.

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I was looking for some information in the Product Docs section yesterday and thought of this. Then I wondered if there was already a post, and here I am.

This would be amazing. I find I spend a lot of time slogging through threads or blog posts that are full of valuable information and wondering why that information hasn't been rolled into the Product Docs pages.

I realize putting in some sort of approval workflow is contradictory to the idea of a wiki and can sometimes hinder its adoption, but I feel like, in this case, that might be necessary on more junior users edits.

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