Add SFDC Activity to Opportunity Analyzers

Add SFDC Activity to Opportunity Analyzers

@It would be super useful to be able to add SFDC logged activity to the Opportunity Analyzer!

We have begun to use the Opportunity Influence Analyzer to dig into our opportunity trends with our Sales Executives.

One downfall of the opp influence analyzer is that our Sales reps cannot see the Sales SFDC activity on the visual graph. We all know that Sales activity is always aligned with Marketing engagement especially when an opportunity is present. I know I can create an interesting moment when SFDC activity is logged to show that on the analyzer graph, but our Sales reps think this would create more clutter in Sales Insight for them.


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Hi Shirleen,

Agreed, that would be useful. It should be a toggle so that one can display or not the SFDC activities.

Yet, the activities pushed to SFDC through the "sync options" should be filtered out.


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