The Email Performance Report IS INACCURATE

The Email Performance Report IS INACCURATE

I discovered an interesting issue with the Email Performance Report that I will assume less than 10% of Marketo users are aware of.


This issue is detailed below in a note at the bottom of this help doc: 

"Multiple sends from the same campaign to the same person are counted only once."

Email Performance Report Help Doc


So does that issue mean? 

For those of us who use tokens all across our Marketo instances and use them particularly to swap in/out content via those tokens for scalability and efficiency, (maybe in an automated nurture) this is a BIG problem. 


When a person is sent an email from the same campaign multiple times over any timeframe, the Email Performance Report only records a single email send 



Notice the three email sends below.  Two of the sends are via the same campaigns.  



The below report only displays 2 emails were sent - and this is our issue




To me, every email send in the activity log should appear on this report.  I am unsure what the use case is for the current methodology, where email sends from the same campaign to the same person are grouped together.  I would think most customers would just want to report on all email sends and what the outcome of those sends were (bounce,open,click) over the course of time.  Two versions of the Email Performance Report would also suffice. 


For now - it looks like the only solution to this is via API exports of your email activity.   


For fun, feel free to include in your comments if you were aware of this!







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We use tokens across all our nurtures. The set-up is pretty complex so it was more effective for us to tokenize all aspects of the emails and swap out content as it made sense -- so while MKTO see's it as one email, the content is actually constantly changing. 


The reporting limitations you brought up is a huge issue for our reporting, and I would like to echo the importance for MKTO to get this corrected ASAP.

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The reporting issue has been an ongoing problem for our organization, making it so our reports are getting turned in late consistently. Please resolve this issue as soon as possible.