Enhanced Marketo-Dynamics error notifications functionality

Enhanced Marketo-Dynamics error notifications functionality

The process for resolving Marketo-Dynamics sync issues takes way too much time. First, we have to rely on indirect means to even spot when a sync issue is occurring. They never show up in the Notifications area! Our trick is to look for a Boolean field that triggers a Dynamics workflow and fails to reset to false as a sign that we have sync problems.


Once we identify the problem, we open a ticket with Marketo and it inevitably gets escalated to the tier 3 team, and sometimes even engineering has to get involved to provide log files with the necessary clues/details on the root cause. This can easily go on for weeks before we get the necessary eyes on the problem, and we’re trying to run a business in the meantime.


If Marketo would give admin users access to these error logs that tier 3/engineering have access to, and a real-time notifications feature (the existing Notifications area would be fine), then the users could troubleshoot on their own. It would be win-win. Dynamics customers would greatly reduce resolution times and we would reduce the demand on the small team of Marketo’s tier 3 and engineering experts who have to work hand in hand with us today to resolve these issues.

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I agree!  Having the ability to access rich error logs that tier 3/engineering have access to would be extremely beneficial.