RSS to Email to Auto Generate email

RSS to Email to Auto Generate email

To manage our blog using marketo and capture all of the user engagement, it would be great to be able to create an email and workflow with our existing blog RSS feed.  
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I would suggest to extend this feature to be able to embed external content web content into an email template. This could be either an RSS feed or a piece of content from your own website.

It should be an area in your email template. Instead choosing Edit or Segment by you should be able to choose a "Bring remotely" option. You enter a URL and  pick the block of content you want from the page.

This will help reusing content of your own website for email in such a great way.

as far as I know Silverpop has had this feature for a while.​

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Over 1,000 likes since 2010 and this feature hasn't been developed by Marketo.

Starting to miss ExactTarget already.

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Why when Digesto handles this for you?

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