Inheriting an Instance? Check Out This Checklist!

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Getting started in an inherited instance can feel overwhelming with pressure to ramp up quickly and efficiently while still being thoughtful and thorough. Generally, the best place to start is to audit your instance and now you can use this Inherited Instance audit checklist to guide you through that process!


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A huge thank you to all the Marketo Champions and users who helped me by providing insight on their experience with an inherited instance! Special thanks to @Grace_Brebner3,   @Jessica_Kao3,   @Sydney_Gordon2,   @Amanda_Thomas6,   @Amy_Goldfine,   @Ajay_Sarpal2,   @Angela_Ruggeri1,  @Ashley_Langfor2 ,  @Natalie_Kremer ,  @Brooke_Bartos ,  @Kelly_Horton1 ,   @Nicholas_Hajdin,  @Anonymous,  and   @Katie_Pedroza2  for reviewing this checklist, providing feedback, and creating content for this program! Advocates like you are the reason this Community is as fantastic as it is! 


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Level 10 - Champion Alumni

This is awesome! Such a great asset. I wish I had had this 4 months ago 😀

Marketo Employee

Even though you couldn't use it, thank you for channeling your experience and helping make this happen!  🙂 

Level 5 - Champion Alumni

This is a great resource! Congrats on getting it created and sharing it with everyone @Meghana_Rao1!

Level 1

just now getting serious about an audit, this is a great resource. thanks!

Level 2

Great resource. 👍

Level 3 - Champion

I just inherited 4 instances! This is great and will definitely come in handy. 

Level 1

this is a great checklist, thanks!

Marketo Employee

Great post and checklist. Thank you all!