Community Lens: August 2023

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Welcome to the 7th edition of the Adobe Marketo Engage Community Lens! We've got an extra packed edition this month; watch insightful videos on Lead Lifecycles, Engagement Map, and Lifecycle Modeling, catch up on our latest Marketo Engage tutorials, customer blogs about onboarding new Marketo users, emergency workarounds for form embeds, and much more!



  • Engagement Map - Be in the Know: Engagement Map is out NOW, in a Marketo Engage instance near you. In case you missed out on the virtual MUG, be sure to get a quick feature overview of what Engagement Map is all about, how you can expect to use it, and more! Be sure to check out these supporting articles as well:
  • New Marketo Engage Tutorials: Our latest video tutorials are designed to supercharge your marketing campaigns and revolutionize your customer engagement.
    • Engagement Map Overview: Learn how to build reusable campaigns and accelerate your marketing velocity using the powerful Engagement Map feature. Don’t forget to check out our followup videos on Engagement Map nested campaigns and error detection and resolution.
    • Personalization Made Easy: Unleash the potential of Marketo programs with the use of tokens, enabling personalization, quicker program builds, and eliminating the likelihood of typos or errors.
    • Best Practices for Foundational Programs: Master the four program types, lead scoring, and defining channel tags to enhance your marketing prowess. Discover common use cases and industry best practices.
    • Organize Your Marketo Engage Instance: Get expert tips on organizing your navigation tree in Marketing Activities, using folders, standard naming conventions, and cloning features. Collaborate seamlessly with your coworkers in a new Marketo Engage instance.
  • Marketo Champion Deep Dive: Lead Lifecycles: In our latest Marketo Champion Deep Dive, @Jenny_Robertso7 dives into how a lead lifecycle model empowers organizations to engage and nurture leads based on their readiness to purchase. Marketo provides powerful tools, but challenges easily arise when inheriting, refining, or designing a new model. Watch this recording for advice on strategic lead lifecycle development and highlighting common pitfalls to avoid, direct from a Champion!
  • Four Best Practices for Onboarding New Marketo Users: Ready to level up your team with these four awesome onboarding best practices? Say goodbye to overwhelming setups - from leveraging program templates and enforcing platform governance to hosting regular office hours and emphasizing documentation, this article equips readers with practical strategies to make the onboarding journey successful.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Designing Inbox Optimized Email Templates: In the fast-paced digital world, email remains a vital marketing channel. But how can you ensure your emails reach the right inboxes and stand out? Discover the Community Advisor Vinay K.’s "do's and don'ts" of designing inbox-optimized email templates in this quick read!


In This Edition


  • Inserting/Reordering Fields with Marketo REST API: Discover the time-saving magic of Marketo Engage REST API for manipulating content programmatically. @Kevin_Tuttle1, an Adobe employee and Marketo Engage expert, shares how he tackled the challenge of adding an extra field to numerous forms in a customer's instance. No need to fret over manual UI work! Kevin demonstrates a clever solution using the Update Field Positions endpoint to effortlessly reorder form fields. Learn how to optimize your form management and explore the possibilities of Marketo Engage API in this insightful article.
  • Tips for Hubspot to Marketo Migrations: @annieramirez1 from the Adobe team shares invaluable tips and tricks to ensure a seamless migration. From reimagining your process and inventory to navigating differences between platforms, she's got you covered.
  • Marketo Measure, Moving to custom Salesforce Campaign Syncs: Discover the game-changing power of Marketo Measure's Custom Campaign sync, an innovative way to effortlessly pull campaign data from your CRM without cumbersome manual processes. This article explores the benefits of transitioning to the Custom Campaign sync and highlights its enhanced functionalities. Learn how to set up rules in the Marketo Measure platform to seamlessly extract CRM data based on specific criteria. Plus, uncover the bonus feature of Marketo Activity Sync, a clever method to track campaign touchpoints in real-time. Streamline your marketing efforts and gain valuable insights into your buyer's journey.
  • An Emergency Workaround for form embeds: In case your form embeds get impacted on or after August 1st, Community veteran and Marketo expert @SanfordWhiteman has listed out two scripts that may help serve as quick fixes for any potentially impacted form embeds. Be sure to check it out and apply in your instance wherever relevant!
  • Decoding the % Marketable Dashboard to Boost your Metrics: Leverage the power of Marketo Engage's % Marketable Dashboard to elevate your marketing metrics. Use these valuable metrics to unearth data gaps, ensure your database is at the industry standard of 80% marketability, and enhance email deliverability.  
  • Interpreting the Email Performance Report: In this article, Community Advisor @Balkar_Singh delves into the Email Performance Report. Uncover trends, seasonal patterns, and hidden insights with captivating line plots and engaging heatmaps. See how different metrics correlate and how to take informed actions to optimize your email campaigns. With actionable intelligence at your fingertips, you can drive better customer engagement and elevate your business performance!


In Case You Missed It

  • July Champion Office Hours: In mid-July, 2022 Marketo Engage Champions Heather H., Evan K., Andy C., and Joy M. jumped on a panel to discuss how to leverage Generative AI for marketing programs, why documentation of your Marketo instance is crucial, how to implement score decay or score rolling-off for your lead scoring structure, and so much more!
  • Marketo & Mochas: Lifecycle Modeling: During this session filmed in June 2023, Adobe’s Marketing Automation Business Advisors tackle all the crucial questions to building credibility and knowing when and which levers to pull. Learn how to identify what stage of the buying journey the lead is currently at, what is the optimal conversion rate from stage to stage in the funnel, how quickly are leads moving through the customer journey, and more!


Can you Answer This?

  • Anyone get Gmail’s Product Carousel to Work?: Danielle is curious to see if anyone has experience with Gmail’s product carousel, as her implementation of Google’s relevant documentation doesn’t seem to work.
  • UTM Values not Captured Consistently: In this discussion, a community user is looking to capture UTM parameters on Marketo Forms via a Cookie. However, he has noticed that values are not captured in hidden fields as suspected.
  • No XML Document Error in Salesforce Sync: This user is running into a Salesforce sync error and is unable to find a solution given previously successful test runs when syncing new and existing leads.

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Incredible wealth of content and links! Thanks for the update 👍

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I second that @CharlieKainos2 a great round-up of posts and content all in one place, in case you have missed them during the previous month.

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I believe that the link to the Tips for Hubspot to Marketo Migrations works wrong because it redirect me to


I am really interested in the article. Please could you share the good one? 🙂

Marketo Employee

Hi @EdusBro Thanks for the callout! The link above has been updated to point to the correct article. You can also access it here.