Looking for topics for upcoming KreweChats

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To the Community at large,

The members behind KreweChats are curious to know what you want to hear us talk about next!

What topics are you stumped on?

Where could you use help?

What do you yearn to know about Marketo and how others use it?

We are extremely open to topics as submitted by the community and welcome any and all feedback!

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Likewise, Lauren Beth

Stay tuned. You've definitely got my gears whirring

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May be a difficult request, but, I'd be curious to see how different industries are using Marketo. Best practices in B2B and B2C vary slightly across industries so the insight would be informative but also demonstrate how versatile the platform is. Plus, there are always lessons to be learned from how others use the system.

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Would love to see an episode solely on Dynamics Integration. Tips and tricks, things to consider, pitfalls to avoid.

Enjoying the series so far, like to put it on in the background podcast style as I preform tasks.

Keep up the great work!

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totally agreed. Dynamics users get left by the wayside a lot (at least in Chicago) because there aren't a ton. I actually had some dynamics experience – like half a decade ago, and prior to jumping in headfirst into Marketing Automation.... I think all of us come from a SFDC background, but we should definitely find a guest panelist to grill on the subject! Great idea, Dale - PRD Knudsen​, and thanks for the love!

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It would be fun and informative to hear about new/different/unique use cases for Marketo. I know there are creative things I could be doing with the system but a lot of it is just trying to think outside of the box on the possibilities!

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I'd love to see some best practices/tips/advice on utilizing the lead lifecycle. We just implemented ours and am now looking for where to take it next, be it integrated nurtures, triggers based on deal progression, funnel conversion metrics ect.

I know its a big topic as its the backbone of Marketo but I think it may be valuable!

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I'd love to see a discussion on the top 3 tips and tricks that they picked up from either the Marketo community or attending the Marketing Nation event that changed the way they use Marketo in their company. 

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Lead Lifecycle

RCE (this could be a small series in itself)

Social media


How to balance calendaring across an enterprise

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I'd LOVE to do one on designing an RCM that makes sense. Thanks for the feedback, guys! More to come soon!

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Like this idea, Sam Watkinson​!